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Final Resolution to KLM Complaint

The Caliph is pleased to say that the problems which arose over mistreatment on Dutch KLM airlines have been satisfactorily resolved. In a meeting with a regional manager high within the administration of KLM who traveled to Malaysia the Caliph accepts the sincerity of the KLM Company and management to ensure that those of all races and religions are treated with utmost courtesy. In particular there was a genuine assurance that there is no corporate discrimination or bad feeling toward Islam or Muslims. The specifics that resulted in the mistreatment have been corrected as much as is possible given the vagaries of human behaviour. In addition, keeping with Islamic tradition of fair reparation for wrong done a satisfactory agreement of compensation has been reached.I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, given the actions of KLM management to redress an acknowledged wrong committed by one of their staff I ask that there be no remaining bad feeling or financial retribution taken against Dutch KLM airlines. Please feel as free as ever to use KLM services and know that, if Allah permits, the Caliph will also probably travel again on KLM airlines.


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Omnipotence Paradox


Then consider this. If God is omnipotent, can He destroy Himself? If He can, that means He is not omnipotent as He can be destroyed. If He cannot, then His power is limited so He is not omnipotent.

Answer (by the Answer Man):

If you came up with this question on your own it is quite impressive. In the long history of theology variations of this seeming paradox have been posed numerous times. Many theologians have had great difficulty coming up with an acceptable answer. The answer I give is not uniquely mine, but I believe it is probably the best of the available answers.

Often semantic difficulties make not only answering such questions difficult, but sometimes even the asking of such a question can be quite difficult. So assuming it is true that God exists and is omnipotent (all powerful) this would mean that there is absolutely nothing that God could not do. Therefore, God’s omnipotence would mean He had the power to destroy Himself. The key to answering this apparent dilemma is to understand that the tawhid (oneness) of God simultaneously encompasses all possible attributes; many attributes and the expression of these attributes are clearly not independent of each other. Another of God’s attributes is goodness, and as are all of God’s attributes this goodness is expressed infinitely. So although God has the power to destroy Himself, He is so perfectly good that He would never choose to use that power for anything but good. Obviously, the destruction of God would be the ultimately evil
act, so then there would never be any possibility at all that God would use the power available to Him to carry out that destruction. The possession of a power does not necessarily entail the expression of that power.

I hope you find some satisfaction in this answer.

The Answer Man

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Violence Just Seems So Very Primitive

I have been very troubled, particularly during the past few years, that the use of violence is becoming so prevalent throughout the world. I had thought, (meaning hoped, expected, and prayed) that with the coming of the 21st century perhaps sanity would prevail and force and aggression would quickly disappear from all aspects of human society, from individual relations to international relations. It seems I was very wrong. Instead, violence in all aspects of human life is on the increase, particularly in international relations.As Allah places human life as His Khalifah on Earth He bestows upon us great responsibilities, and endows us with the use of great powers in order to enable us to successfully carry out our responsibilities as His Khalifah. The powers Allah provides us with include a most exquisitely wonderful brain that is capable of levels of technological achievement almost beyond belief. It is the Will of Allah that we use all the powers He has Blessed us with, including technological expertise, in the service of goodness, never in the service of evil.

For the continued survival of the human race we must become so good, so moral, and so mature as a society, before we develop the technological ability to destroy all life on our gloriously beautiful and bountiful planet, that we would never misuse that power. We have for far too long persisted in the use of force and aggression as a means to attain our desired goals, even though Allah has many times made it undeniably clear through revelation that we are to live our lives and develop our society according the way of peace and love. We are indeed at the danger point!

I say to you my dear Muslim (and non-Muslim) brothers and sisters, a critical moment has been reached in the development of human society. If peace and love does not soon prevail over the continued and pervasive use of force and aggression there will be no future for the human race. The threat to human survival is so severe that you must know if we do not make that required transformation into a society of peace and love the likelihood of there ever being a 22nd century is very small indeed.

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How did human society come to be as it is?

There is so very much that takes place in the world that virtually everyone takes for granted is a reasonable way to live. Few ever consider virtually all that happens in the world developed through a long series of small steps from often unknown beginnings, frequently without plan or direction. We are left today with a world that fills our lives with much that is of no value, and much that is even harmful for us as individuals and harmful to all humanity. In the future we must discard all that is wrong and make sure all that is right is introduced. Even much of what we believe we are attracted to has been conditioned into us. We have no right to desire anything which is wrong.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; much of what has come to exist in human society is only there because someone realized they could make financial gain from it. So much of human effort and resources are spent in ways that serve no good purpose and may even cause harm, sometimes even deathly harm, but if a financial profit can be made someone will still want to do it. I ask you to consider all things that make up your daily life and see how much is of benefit to Allah and His Ummah, and how much has no real value. If you do this honestly you might be very surprised.

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Martyrdom, not Suicide

by an anonymous writer

I think Muslims should quit using the term ‘suicide bomber’ because suicide is a major sin in Islam and the brave Muslim brothers and sisters who give up their lives in the struggle for Islam are not committing suicide, they are martyrs dying for the cause of Islam. Even if some of you non-Muslims do not understand or accept the Islamic concept of ‘shaheed’ the English language definition of martyr makes it clear that Muslims who give up their lives for Islam are martyrs. According to Webster’s dictionary a martyr is a person who sacrifices something of great value, especially life itself, for the sake of religion or an important principle. Suicide is the taking of your own life because you want to die. The Muslim bombers don’t want to die; they want to protect Islam and the Muslim ummah. I think the term ‘suicide bomber’ was invented by the Western media, or maybe even by the CIA psychological operations department, to make Muslims think they were committing a sinful suicide rather than an honourable martyrdom. I think what I have said is important to know because it is the objective truth, not something untrue said to achieve a desired outcome. Honesty is very important. BUT – please do not think I am supporting Muslims bombing anyone. Islam is the way of peace, and only through peace can the human race have a future. I feel sorry for both the bombers and the victims of the bombers; the loss of human life is a terrible thing.

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Our Solution To A Better Future

By Aiman age 10

Today, the world is facing a very big problem. People hurt each other for no reason. For example, a boy who was walking down the street got killed by a stranger. The boy did not do his killer any harm. All of this must be stopped. We cannot let it happen anymore. But how can we solve the problem?

This problem can be easily solved if everyone in this world is a good Muslim; but that will be almost impossible. However the world will be a better place if we can all learn to respect each other and live in harmony regardless of our races and religion. We can do all these by learning how to be good Khalifah of Allah. The most wonderful thing is, one does not have to be a Muslim to learn all these important things.

Allah told us in the Qur’an that we are his Khalifah. As a Khalifah of Allah, we need to make ourselves good, help others become good, and make the world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah.

Our first responsibility as a Khalifah of Allah is to make ourselves good. This means we need to perfect ourselves first. We have to do only good things. Never do the things that Allah doesn’t like. We cannot hurt other people’s feelings. If somebody treats us badly, just ignore them if possible. We must not always fight back or say bad words in return. We must lead a life as a good Muslim so that others can follow our steps. We must always forgive others and also ask for forgiveness both from Allah and also people around us. The world would then realize that Muslims are the most wonderful people on Earth.

Our second responsibility is to help others become good. We should command the right and forbid the wrong. We have to advise others to do good things. If we see some teenagers loafing we should advise them to do good things and spend time wisely.

Our third responsibility as a Khalifah of Allah is to make the physical world good, clean and beautiful pleasing to Allah. We have to recycle, plant new trees, make things from material that can be recycled and avoid polluting the world. We must not throw rubbish anywhere we like. Imagine, living in a very dirty place where there is rubbish everywhere. People will start blaming each other for throwing rubbish at their compound. Another example is a factory that throws toxic waste that can kill people, trees and animals. Cutting down trees can cause serious flood and landslides that could kill many lives. People around the area will get upset and angry; and it can cause a fight. If it gets serious it can cause a war.

If we really can learn to cooperate and be good to one another the world will be more peaceful and beautiful. People would not easily commit crime, even bad people would think twice before doing bad things to others because they will be caught and punished. Muslims must be wise and if we are good Khalifah of Allah, we can even lead the world. Allah gives us the Qur’an so that we can learn everything that we need to know. Let us stop hurting each other, instead let us work for a better future.

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Allah Really Does Perform Miracles

In June of 2003 I was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable form of lung cancer. It was found late as is often the case with lung cancer. It was found at stage four, by which time there is no effective treatment and no hope. By the time the cancer was detected it had already spread to my spine damaging most of the vertebrae, several so badly that over half of the bone had been destroyed. Doctors said there was no treatment and no hope. I confirmed this diagnosis with several doctors. All said I had only three or four months to live, even my own research brought me to the same conclusion.It is now February 2006, and while my health is not good I am still able to continue my work in service to Allah and His Ummah for 14-16 hours each day, seven days a week. I found a chart showing the survival time for 10,000 patients having the same cancer at the same stage as mine; the vast majority died within the expected three or four months, the last of those 10,000 cancer sufferers died within 22 months. Now, about 32 months later I am still alive. I have three doctors who I have seen regularly since my cancer was discovered. Two are Muslim and one is a non-Muslim. All three have expressed so much surprise at the length of time I have survived that that they say my continued existence must be a miracle.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please do not ever doubt that Allah can and does perform miracles. In this modern world of science and logic we sometimes forget the spiritual power of Allah. You could not imagine how Blessed I feel, after being convinced by the expectations of modern medicine that I only had several months to live, to now have lived for 32 months and still be able to labour effectively in Allah’s service. Of course I am prepared to leave this material world whenever Allah decides it is my time, but some days I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I am sure I must give my thanks to Him at least a hundred times for allowing me the miracle of a life much longer than expected. Never doubt Allah, His unbounded Mercy, or His infinite Power. Allah Akbar!


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