All Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eliminated!

I apologize if anyone who reads my comments might ever feel I am particularly hostile towards the United States, this is truly not the case. I speak often about the United States because they are the world’s most powerful and most influential nation at this point in human history. I often pray that the United States would utilize its great potential for the general good of humanity which, in all honesty, I do not feel they are doing at this time.

Today I want to draw attention to a very dangerous policy the United States has entered into with the government of India. I’m sure it comes as no secret to many of you that the United States views China as a growing strategic rival for world economic and military dominance. The United States now sees India as a potential ally and balance to the growing power of China. To that end the United States has entered into nuclear power and weapons agreements with India that I consider to most definitely not be in the best interest of the world’s people, and which constitute a great potential danger to the future of world peace.

The United States has long had policies in place that sought to limit India’s nuclear ambitions, particularly their acquisition of nuclear weapons. Now, US President Bush has put forward a proposal which allows India virtually unlimited nuclear expansion. This new policy not only allows India to keep its presently existing, but illegal, nuclear weapons, it would also permit India to use all of its own nuclear materials for further bomb making, while using nuclear fuel supplied by the United States for its civilian nuclear power program.

I have previously made clear my firm opposition to the production, possession, and possible use of nuclear weapons. Besides being, according to my interpretation, clearly against the rules of Islam as given to us by Allah as the right way of life, the use of nuclear weapons is highly immoral and constitutes such a dire threat to the survival of human society that even their initial production must be considered an act of insanity.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, that it is our responsibility to oppose by all viable means the production, possession, and/or use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons stand in opposition to the successful completion of Allah’s Plan for His Creation. The Muslim Ummah must insist that no nation in the world has the right to possess nuclear weapons, and that all nations presently possessing nuclear weapons must immediately dismantle and destroy those weapons.


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