Arabic language in danger!

I found the following quote from a news article to be very disturbing. “Linguists blame the growing use of English among young Arabic speaking Muslims on the American pop culture inundating the Arab world. It is causing some young Muslims to look down on the Arabic language. Some young Muslims are being influenced to think of Arabic as old fashioned while seeing English as ‘cool’. If this trend continues, the future of Arabic language could be in danger.”

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, the loss of the wide understanding and use of the Arabic language would be a disaster. Since Allah chose to reveal the Qur’an through the Arabic language it is of critical importance to the Muslim Ummah that the Arabic language be protected and preserved. For the deepest understanding of the revelation sent to us by Allah through our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) it requires that Arabic be preserved as an important living language; it would not be sufficient for the Arabic language to linger only in the minds of a few scholars. To ensure the furtherance of the right Islamic way of life throughout human society I would like to see every Muslim in the world learn to read and speak the Arabic language. I specifically ask that every Muslim child as part of their required education be taught to read and speak the Arabic language.

I believe it to be true that while retaining their local native language is of great importance to the world’s many diverse cultures, that the people of the world need to have one language that can be read and spoken by all. It may be that Arabic would be the best choice as the world’s one unifying language.


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