Disasters – Allah’s Punishment

With so many ‘natural’ disasters bringing death and destruction across our planet recently I feel sure many are wondering if this is not some sort of punishment meted out upon the human race by God for all our many terrible transgressions. I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters that yes, this is Allah’s punishment for the innumerable wrongdoings of His worldwide ummah (society of human beings).

But, I want to be sure you understand that Allah has not ‘decided’ to harm us as His punishment for the wrongs we have done, instead Allah has set up the world in such a way that our right actions bring good results and our wrong actions bring bad results. The punishment we are suffering is most definitely something we have directly brought upon ourselves by our wrong actions. If we harm our planetary home then our planet becomes ill, and when our planet gets sick the symptoms of its illness bring ‘natural’ disasters upon us. To stop the disasters we must treat our planet with great care, love, and kindness,; only then will we be able to live in comfortable safety upon our happy, healthy planet Earth.


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