Disrespect to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Disrespect to Islam Must Stop

In the country of Denmark very insulting cartoon pictures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have been published in newspapers and magazines. The offending media organizations and the Danish Prime Minister have been asked by Islamic governments and organizations to stop insulting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and disrespecting Islam and to apologise for their crudely offensive actions. The Danish media organizations and the Danish government have refused all such requests. Surveys show that over two thirds of the Danish people believe they have the right to publicly insult Islam, to defile the Prophet (pbuh), and that no apology should be given from the government or the media organizations.

In Denmark as in numerous other Western nations the law does not allow you to question whether the Holocaust against Jews happened as claimed, the law does not allow you to say that homosexuality is a wrong and disgusting behaviour, but the law says it is perfectly acceptable to insult the religion given to mankind as the correct way of life by Allah, and to insult Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, this is another of the many ways in which the sickness, and even insanity, of Western culture is made obvious. Muslim scholars have called for a boycott against Danish products because we should not do business with a country that insults our religion and our Prophet. Some Muslim governments, including Saudi Arabia, have discontinued diplomatic relations with Denmark. I believe all Muslims should support these boycotts, and all Muslim nations should discontinue diplomatic relations with any country that shows such disrespect to our religion and our Prophet. The time has come for the world’s many Muslims to stand up proudly for Islam and let it be known that we do not intend to allow the decadent Western nations to continue insulting, attacking, blackmailing, coercing, intimidating, patronizing, controlling, and brainwashing, or to continue any of the many other ways in which they have ‘ruled’ over our Muslim Ummah for the past several hundred years.



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4 responses to “Disrespect to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Disrespect to Islam Must Stop

  1. STOP the false religion of , ; Evil curses on HUMANITY, both !

  2. Muslim

    Allah will punish the dis-respecters, just wait and see what happens!! inshaAllah,

  3. Muslim

    in the past Allah watched and then he punished, u have examples from Noah’s and Moses times….

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