EU to Punish Muslim Nations Who Love Prophet Muhammad

The European Union has warned Saudi Arabia that they will take action through the World Trade Organisation if the Riyadh government supports a boycott of Danish goods because the government of Denmark supports the right of the media to print insulting cartoon pictures of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). So now we are not even free to protest against insults to our beloved Prophet Muhammad without being threatened with political and financial punishment I am truly shocked at their ignorant arrogance.

The US and European governments seem to have forgotten that partly they exist only because of access to our energy resources and our massive financial investment in their countries. It is much less than certain that membership in any Western financial institutions such as the WTO has any real benefit to our Muslim nations. Sometimes the real loss is much greater than the real gain. Perhaps the time has come for Muslim nations to only do business with other Muslim nations and with those non-Muslim nations who will deal with us according the rules of Islam sent down to us by Allah rather than treat us according to the evil rules of unfettered Western capitalism.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, think carefully on these matters. We don’t want to threaten the Western nations because that is not the Islamic way, but surely they will be able to realize that if they don’t do business with us then it is likely we will not do business with them.


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