How the World Views America

It is a telling fact that many millions of people throughout the world hate America, and are convinced they do so with good reason. These deep seated negative feelings toward America are perhaps most evident among the people of the poorest nations in the developing world and the people of many of the world’s Islamic nations, who rightly consider themselves to have been oppressed and exploited by America and American interests. There seems to be no question that many million people across the world today are suffering, even dying, both directly and indirectly due to policies and practices of the American government and its allies. Many of those suffering are our Muslim brothers and sisters. Unless the real causes of this deep animosity toward America are removed it is naïve to think that it will be possible to stop those who would be willing to use violence to harm America, American citizens or American interests. Terrorism can never be stopped until injustice in all of its forms is stopped.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; this perilous situation must not be allowed to continue. Until America becomes a good and right nation not only will they live under threat of attack but they will continue to become an increasing danger to peace and stability in the world. I ask you to pray for the American people so that they may see clearly and objectively where their government has gone wrong and seek out a new generation of leaders who can restore America as a trusted and respected friend to the world’s community of nations.


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