How to Bring About a Good and Right World #1

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, do not despair because the world of today seems so very wrong in so many ways; in the next six days I will describe to you the process by which we may progress from the Godless world of today to the God-centered, spiritual life on Earth Allah has promised could be ours.

Obviously the world of today with all of its horrors and wrongs is not the perfect way of life promised to us by Allah. Since it is impossible that Allah has lied to us, we must therefore have done something wrong. Before we can attempt to solve the problems of the world, and move toward our destined Earthly paradise, we must attempt to understand where we went wrong. Probably a thousand books could be written on this subject(and someday may), but at this dire point in human history a simple accurate analysis is sufficient to provide us with enough information to begin the creation of a future world without the problems of today and consistent with the Will of Allah.

Simply put, most wrongs in human society occur because the worldview commonly held throughout human society is seriously flawed. Allah has given us a right worldview in Islam. If all of human society held a right worldview then all the wrongs of the world would disappear and we would have a right Islamic world. Islam must therefore become the prevailing worldview of all human society. The traditional beliefs and practices of Islam, based on the Qur’an and the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) must form the central core of the right worldview needed to correct the wrongs of the world – although we must be very careful that we accurately interpret this sacred knowledge upon which we base our understanding of what is good and true and right.


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