Intelligent Design

In the Western world today there is much debate over a concept called ‘Intelligent Design’. Intelligent Design essentially says that since the universe has moved from simplicity in the beginning toward greater and greater complexity to become today a system so complex and perfectly functioning that it is almost unimaginable to suggest that all this happened by chance, and so therefore the physical existence must have come about by an Intelligent Design. Of course, if there was an Intelligent Design there must have been an ‘Intelligent Designer’ who could only be God. Regardless of how obvious it is that there was an Intelligent Design behind the creation of this most marvelous universe there are still those who attempt to deny that obvious reality, not from any scientific or logical rigour, but only from a some sad, bizarre desire to affirm their Godless beliefs against an increasingly overwhelming body of evidence that God does actually exist.

I say to all Muslims that we must support the concept of Intelligent Design, and all other ideas that by science, reason, or logic confirm the obvious truth that we have long known by faith – that Allah is the one true and absolute God and is the Creator of this universe, everything in it, and most certainly including the human race, whose purpose it is to serve Him by rightly and successfully acting as His Khalifah in this physical world.


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