Islam Must Never Be Changed

Let it be known by those modernists and liberals who exist within the Muslim Ummah who seek to change the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam to fit with whatever particular desires they favour, that the strength of Islam is in its eternal truthfulness. As long as Islam is not changed it will remain strong and can never be defeated. As soon as changes are made to Islam it will begin to weaken, and eventually disappear as a meaningful influence for all that is good and right in the world.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, the evils of secular materialism and Western culture have invaded the minds of some members of our Muslim Ummah. Those who have been infected with this disease of consciousness we sometimes call ‘modernists’ or perhaps ‘liberal Muslims’; whatever we call them they are an enemy within from whom we must protect rightly understood and practiced Islam. As we battle the harm they attempt to do to Islam we must not forget they are also our Muslim brothers and sisters; in most cases they do not even realize the harm their wrong beliefs will bring to our Ummah. They must be educated in such a way that they realize how they have been deceived by shaitan to desire what Allah has forbidden, and in such a way that they welcome that realization.


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