News Media Biased Toward Israel

I have, over the period of the past few years, noticed a certain pattern of reporting by the news media that shows a clear deviation from objective truth and a definite bias in favour of Israel. Sometimes attacks on Israelis by Palestinians are reported, and sometimes attacks on Palestinians by Israelis are reported; but, the language in the reporting of these attacks inevitably shows well defined differences. Virtually every time the Israelis attack the Palestinians we are told what action by the Palestinians has brought about this ‘retaliatory’ attack by the Israelis; but, when the Palestinians attack the Israelis there is hardly ever a mention that the attack is in ‘retaliation’ for some previous Israeli attack. Of course this leaves the impression that the Israeli attacks on Palestinians come only after clear provocation and are therefore somehow justified, while the Palestinian attacks on Israelis are largely unprovoked and therefore unjustified.

It appears to me, to be fair about this, that at a minimum the percent of attacks which are retaliatory in nature due to provocation would at a minimum be expected to be pretty much equal between the two warring sides. In fact this pattern of tit for tat attacks which has gone on for years has not been continuous, but has been periodically interrupted by various types of ceasefires and agreements to temporarily halt hostilities. I admit I have not actually kept a detailed record of whether it was the Palestinians or the Israelis who most often first violated these periodic lulls in violent hostile action, but if my memory does not fail me I believe that in virtually every case it has been some hostile action on the part of the Israelis that has brought an end to these periods of relative peace.

I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed how often after one of these many ceasefires have been agreed upon by the Palestinians and the Israelis that the event which eventually, and often quickly, puts an end to the cessation of hostilities is a ‘targeted assassination’ by the Israelis of some alleged Palestinian militant leader, often accompanied by the deaths of several of his family members and/or some number of innocent Palestinian civilian deaths. These targeted assassinations, which are an unequivocally illegal and immoral practice, then inevitably result in some form of violent action by one of the numerous Palestinian militant groups against the Israelis which will then be followed by an Israeli attack on Palestinians in ‘retaliation’ which once again results in a period of back and forth violence and death until the next ceasefire.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; as part of our support for justice for the long suffering Palestinian people we must find a way to ensure that reporting on these sad events is done fairly, objectively, and without the present obvious bias toward the Israeli cause. We must not be afraid to publicly bring the world’s attention to this blatant inequity in the reporting of responsibility for violence between Palestinians and Israelis for fear of being labeled as anti-Semitic. There are no racial connotations in the request for an objective presentation of the historical facts surrounding any event.


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