Sick America

The almost unimaginable sickness that permeates American society must sometimes be brought to the attention of the Ummah. I do so with sadness; so do not think I am an American hating Muslim. Actually no good Muslim should hate Americans, but all Muslims should hate the wrongness perpetrated upon the world in the name of America. Personally, it would be impossible for me to hate Americans; my children are Americans, born and bred. And, I pray that none of my grandchildren, also Americans, have been made to fight, kill, or die in the cruel, illegal, and immoral war by the American government against the people of Iraq.

Today in the news I see that there is now a website in the United States where American military personal can trade disgusting pictures of the dead, mutilated bodies of Iraqis for access to pornographic images. The pictures of murdered Iraqis include such hellish visions as the skin of the face of one Iraqi man blown off and lying in a Baghdad street, another picture depicts pieces of human flesh splattered across a building wall. Another shows an Iraqi man with his internal organs visibly torn out of his body which is accompanied by a caption saying, “What every Iraqi should look like”. Also available is a picture grotesquely captioned, “Cooked Iraqi” showing a group of smiling US soldiers standing over the charred remains of yet another dead Iraqi.

And what do the American soldiers get for these disgraceful and inhuman images of Iraqi suffering, they get free access to an extensive collection of pornographic images, depicting such debased behaviour as naked US military servicewomen with their rifles between their legs and couples engaged in every conceivable kind of sexual behaviour. One might expect such a disgrace to appeal only to a tiny perverted minority, but no, over 30,000 members of the US military have so far registered on this grossly repulsive website using their military email addresses.

It is hard to believe human beings could engage in such disgusting, obscene behaviour in the fulfillment of their most perverse desires. How dare a government with such a rotten core of filth within the fabric of their social structure hold themselves up to the world as an example of all that is good and right and attempt to impose their style of government and their cultural practices upon the rest of the world, particularly the Muslim world. We in the Muslim world already have in Islam, by the Mercy of Allah, the ideal way of governance and the perfect manner of social life available to us. I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters let us pray for Allah to have Mercy on those misguided Americans who have committed such abominable sins, to open their hearts to goodness, and guide them onto the path of righteousness.


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