Sit Down and Shut Up

The shame never ends. This is the latest news concerning the Muslim world’s outrage over the deliberately provocative cartoons being published all over Europe insulting our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islam, and Allah. “European Union institutions are focusing on trying to get Arab and Muslim governments to control their people and their streets and rein in violence, saying Muslims should not be allowed to engage in debate over the limits of freedom of speech and respect for religion.”

So once again we Muslims are being treated as errant children by the so very ‘enlightened’ adults of the Western world who feel the time has come for us to sit down and shut up. I am feeling very tired of being instructed in what is right and wrong by those of a Godless Western culture who know nothing of the one pure source of truth, Allah. I believe most of the world’s Muslims feel the same as I do on this important matter.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I hear your protests against those who have committed the most grievous insults against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and all we hold dear. Your outrage, your sincerity , and your bravery are indeed worthy of highest praise. I do, though, counsel you that violence against persons and property are not the true Islamic way; but do not fear the threats of the unbelievers as you continue to make known your disgust at their ignorant disrespect. Let your numbers grow. Do not let your voices be stifled, stay in the streets loudly, proudly, but peacefully until those who insult us and all we love come to realize we will not take their abuse any more.


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