Something Personal

I apologize that some days I don’t contribute to the “Caliph Speaks”; sometimes it is because my health is bad and sometimes I don’t write because I feel very sad. Several years ago the doctors gave me only a few months to live. That was a reasonable prediction given the severity of the illness I have, I have a very aggressive and incurable type of cancer. Now it is over two and a half years later and I am still alive and able to work most of the time. Allah has been very kind to me.

I don’t feel sad about my illness or the fact that I probably don’t have very long to live (although as I have seen, only Allah knows for sure). I feel sad because I have not done more, and am not able to do more, to help the world become a much nicer place than it is now. I have had a very hard life and for much of my life I was not a very good person. I am now, after a long and difficult struggle, probably the best person I have ever been in my life; but, even when I was at my worst I still felt a compulsion to work for a better world.

Only a few years out of my teens I somehow realized I wanted to commit my life to helping bring about a world where children did not grow up like I did. Now I have spent over forty years working toward that goal. I have found, first in science then with Islam, a body of knowledge that can actually be of significant benefit in bringing about a world without all the many problems that plague human society today.

I wasted a lot of my life, sometimes taking paths that led me far from my original goal; but I always returned. Now toward the end of my life I realize how much more I could have done and how much more quickly I could have worked. It hurts badly to know that I did not do more. So now I do what I can in hopes that somehow what I have learned in all those years can be given to our Muslim Ummah, which I love so dearly, and to all of humanity to whom I owe so much.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; Allah wants us to have a world that is good and right in every way. Have no doubt, that good and right world can be ours. As Khalifah of Allah it is our responsibility to make that promised good and right world a reality.

Note: The author returned to Allah’s rahmah in 2006 – a few months after completing the above article. In fact he did not get the chance of viewing this work when the printing of small booklet of the above article was completed just a few days after his demise.


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