The Abnormality of Being Normal in an Abnormal Society

It is clear in Islam that homosexuality is an abnormal act and an abomination to God. In today’s world if one were to publicly express their abhorrence of homosexuality they would immediately be accused of being ‘homophobic’ which means they are considered to be mentally disordered. Such is the sickness of modern society. Those who oppose the rightness of homosexuality are ridiculed, condemned, ostracized, and sometimes even criminalized.

Societies which have reached this disturbing degree of joyous acceptance regarding an extremely wrong moral behaviour, such as the modern Western position on homosexuality, have existed before in the long history of human society. Allah in the Qur’an speaks about several such morally diseased societies. One prominent example is the society of Prophet Lot (peace be upon him), where immoral customs (homosexuality) became the social norm and people such as Lot and his family who exhibited high moral standards were considered to be the unacceptably abnormal ones. This is stated explicitly in the Qur’anic verse “…expel the household of Lot from your township for they are indeed folk who would keep clean and pure”. (Surah 27, ayat 56)

I mention this now because I recently heard that international homosexual organizations have been loudly proclaiming that the government of Lebanon may soon become the first among Muslim nations to legalize homosexuality. If this allegation is true it is most shameful. Please join with me in prayer to Allah asking that no Muslim nation would ever do such a shameful thing as legalize an act so abhorrent to God as homosexuality.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, do not fear the names and accusations that will be hurled against you by those who promote shocking immorality as right human behaviour; be steadfast in the ways of Islam and in the Name of Allah. Publicly and proudly stand up against all that is wrong, and never waiver from your duty to “command the right and forbid the wrong”. Allah will reward you greatly for your righteousness.


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