US Threat to Future of Human Society

The recent disclosure of massive spying on the personal communications of American citizens by the US government, authorized by President George W. Bush, is of course a matter of serious concern; but, of much greater concern is the bizarre reasoning that allowed President Bush to carry out such an alarming crime. It is President George W. Bush’s assertion that as president of the United States he has unlimited power in his role as commander in chief to do absolutely anything he deems necessary in a time of war. This incredibly questionable rationale has so far led President Bush to break many of the previously binding laws and moral limits that the people of the United States have long held to be most dear. In addition this belief in his unrestricted power has allowed President Bush to feel free to blatantly act against some of the most fundamental protections and crucial tenets of international law to which the United States has long been a signatory.

Today I do not speak only to my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, but to every member of human society. This arrogant abrogation of the protective system of checks and balances placed upon the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of government by the insightful forefathers of the American nation and its Constitution constitutes one of the greatest dangers the world has ever faced. Never before in human history has one man assumed unfettered dictatorial control over such deadly powers of destruction as the military might and nuclear weaponry of the United States. This unparalleled threat to the safety, even to the very survival, of the human race can not be allowed to continue. Since it would be clearly impossible to put an end to this insanity by the use of force we must pray that the American people will consensually recognize the true magnitude of this threat to their freedoms, their country, and to the world and will take whatever action is available to them within the political system and law of the United States to not only remove this present menace, but will also put in place safeguards so that no danger such as this may ever arise again.


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