Violence Begets Violence

There is a connection between all events. For almost two weeks now France has been suffering unprecedented widespread violence involving thousands of people in hundreds of communities. A country like France would have been considered a stable Western democracy where such angry violence on the streets would not expected to occur. We must hope that this seemingly random violence against persons and property does not spread to the countries bordering France. It is events like this that can occasionally be precursors to a worldwide conflagration. Although the violent acts themselves might be to some degree random, I do not believe the fact that this violence began to be a random event.

There is an undeniably direct, although convoluted, relationship between the current violence in France and the brutal military attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq carried out by the United States government within the past few years. In a very general, but powerful, way the ‘preemptive’ US attacks on helpless nations and the enormous numbers of innocent people killed and injured by these attacks, which most of the world’s people consider to be totally unwarranted, has given a tacit approval for other nations, organizations, and even individuals throughout the world to now feel much more comfortable resorting to violence for virtually any reason or cause, or in some cases for no reason.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; Allah does not want human beings to act toward each other with violence. It is with peace, kindness, and love that Allah wants people to treat each other. Do not let the tendencies toward violence so prevalent in the world today influence you away from the right way of life Allah has ordained for us. Be aware these unholy influences exist, but use the free-will Allah has granted you to reject the power of these negative influences to take you away from all that is good and right.


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