Why Should Hamas Give Up Violence?

Since Hamas won a landslide election to govern Palestine a few weeks ago the Israelis have murdered at least nine Palestinians they claim were terrorists. Of course the Palestinian people would consider these nine Muslim brothers to be freedom fighters involved in a struggle against the illegal occupiers of their country. Yesterday Mr Mofaz, the new Israeli Prime Minister, said Israel would continue targeting the leaders and members of Palestinian armed groups, such as the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Additionally, Mr. Olmert’s first policy statement since he succeeded Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister last month made clear that it was his intention, and the intention of the Israeli government, to annex all of the Jordan Valley which would leave a future Palestinian state on the West Bank entirely surrounded by Israel and without a direct link to any neighbouring country. The Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, said there was no intention by the Israeli government to negotiate with the Palestinian people, but within the next few years Israel would unilaterally determine what the borders of a Palestinian state were to be.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, as much as I oppose all violence to achieve political goals given the above stated Israeli intentions I can see no reason at all that might encourage Hamas or the Palestinian people to give up the use of violence in their attempt to ensure the future of a viable Palestinian state. It seems if they were to give up the use of violence the result would be to meekly allow the Israelis to walk all over them as they enlarge the lands of Israel and deny the Palestinians any meaningful homeland for the future. I feel sure that if the Israelis were to stop all attacks on the Palestinians and were to offer the Palestinian people what has long been legally and morally due them that this would bring about an end to all violence against Israel. If the Israelis refuse to give the Palestinians that which is clearly their right I can foresee no future for Israel other than an unending escalation of violence.


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