Europeans Respect Gay Penguins More than Prophet Muhammad

As if the blatant hypocrisy of the European media, corporations, and governments was not sufficiently obvious, we have this bizarre new twist. A zoo in Germany had wondered why their six penguins were not mating and producing any new baby penguins. When they checked, and checking is apparently not easy, they found all six penguins to be male. It seems the only way to determine the sex of a penguin is to do a DNA test. Since these six male penguins had spent years without the company of female penguins the male penguins quite naturally formed close friendships among themselves. Because the zoo wanted to ensure the continuation of this rare species they intended to find some female penguins as mates for the male penguins.

Well all this sounds quite reasonable and non-controversial, but after the plight of the zoo and the six male penguins was reported in the news media as a human interest story many homosexual and lesbian organizations around the world sent angry and outraged phone calls and emails to the zoo claiming the zoo authorities had no right to discriminate against the ‘homosexual’ relationships that had developed between the male penguins in favour of natural heterosexual relationships with female penguins. The gay lobby was furious that the zoo authorities might try to ‘turn’ the penguin’s alleged homosexual behaviour into natural male-female behaviour.

I know this sounds like a sick joke but I assure you it is not, I checked the story’s references carefully. The outcome was that the zoo officials, fearing to incur the wrath of the world’s homosexuals, caved in totally to the demands of the gay lobby and not only issued an apology to the world’s homosexuals saying, “Of course we accept the right of the male penguins to form homosexual relationships and we will not in any way try to enforce a preference toward heterosexuality”, but the zoo officials also agreed not to bring female penguins into the zoo in bid to allow the males to mate and help save their rare species from extinction.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, how shockingly rude, arrogant, and disrespectful of the Europeans to show so much concern over the feelings of homosexuals, a group that promote and practice one of the most abhorrent and vile of all crimes, but then refuse to show any respect at all to the deeply held legitimate feelings of over a billion Muslims in the world as they continue to defile the memory of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). How unbelievably and unquestionably perverted have the priorities of Western culture and the Europeans become? Do not remain passive as this gross insult to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to Allah, to Islam, and to all Muslims is thrown into our faces. If we allow this insult to all we hold dear to go unchallenged then the Europeans and those of other Western nations will believe they can treat Muslims as wrongly and as badly as they choose and we will be too afraid to even complain. Take to the streets in public protest until this disgusting wrong is made right. Do not use violence, make all protests peaceful, but make sure our voice of rightful protest is heard and heeded.


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