Q & A: On the Method of Dakwah and Debates


I notice that The Caliph does not concern himself with much sunni-shia, islam-christian debates, but emphasizes the correction of society and world affairs. When we talk about dakwah, most people tend to think of missionary efforts such as converting non-muslims to Islam, and shia to sunni islam. there does not seem to be any emphasis on this by the Caliph. I have a feeling the Caliph disagrees with these debates and polemics as a priority. Can you clarify this?
Answer (provided by The Answer Man):

You are correct, the Caliph is not very concerned with debates between Sunni and Shia or even between Muslims and Christians. The Caliph is ultimately concerned with the transformation of all human society into a world where all can live in peace and harmony. To the Caliph this means living according to the Will of Allah. The Caliph has no difficulty accepting both Sunni and Shia as Muslim. He says either you are Muslim or you are not Muslim, believing Allah has allowed quite a large range of variability as to what constitutes being a ‘good’ Muslim. The Caliph has founded the Khalifah Institute as a dakwah organization whose purpose is not to convert non-Muslims to Islam, but instead the purpose is to help bring Muslims back to the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam in the modern world.

The Caliph has found little use at this time for dialog between Muslims and those of other faiths, he believes that before we try to convert those of other faiths to Islam we must become an ummah that is practicing our religion so faithfully and so well that the truth and beauty of Islamic is so clearly attractive to all who see us that those of other religions will be rushing to become Muslim so they can share in the many and varied rewards of right Islamic life. The Caliph does though write many articles about scientific and philosophical issues that, although consistent with well established Islamic truths, do not dwell on traditional Islamic language and terminology and can be appreciated by those who are not yet Muslim, or even by those who do not yet realize the truth of God’s existence.

Thank you for your interest in the Caliph.

The Answer Man


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