Facing Nuclear War


If a Muslim country is threatened by a nuclear attack, what should be done as preparation for an imminent war? I understand that nuclear war is insane, but should we just let them wipe out all the Muslims on earth? I hope the Caliph or someone else can clarify this issue.

Answer (by Realistic Muslim):

I have the answer to your question. Muslims do not turn the other cheek if Islam or our ummah is threatened, we FIGHT, and we FIGHT to win. Muslims should do whatever it takes, and I really mean WHATEVER, to make sure no kufr country attacks a Muslim country with nuclear weapons. If this means Muslim countries must have nuclear weapons to survive then we must get nuclear weapons. The American government has already threatened to use nuclear weapons against Muslim countries, and we had no nuclear weapons then(with the possible exception of Pakistan, but they are more friendly to America than to other Muslim nations). America quit threatening North Korea once they got nuclear weapons so it seems having nuclear weapons is the only way to protect your country against America. I think every Muslim country should have nuclear weapons until all the other countries get rid of their nuclear weapons.

Realistic Muslim


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