Response of KLM Airlines to Complaint of Mistreatment

The Caliph has received a response from the regional KLM airline management for his complaint over mistreatment that was detailed in the previous “Caliph Speaks”. The apology and concern by KLM management over the wrong actions by their staff seem quite sincere and appropriate in that there is to be further training of staff in these matters, the offending staff member is to be reproached, and in the future blankets will be made available to those who need them. Additionally it is good to hear that their staff are being made aware that discrimination against Muslims (and other religions and races) is totally unacceptable to KLM in staff training. It would be hard to ask for more than that as a result of one part of my complaint. What I feel is quite unsatisfactory is that there was no recognition given of the significantly worsened health that I have and am suffering. I have just undergone a very unhealthy past nine days now which have been very disruptive to my work for a better world and personally unpleasant. Your airline’s wrong treatment of me during a flight caused these serious health difficulties which seem to have left your management unconcerned, but I am VERY concerned and VERY dissatisfied. Then finally to the insulting aspect; to offer me 50 euros as compensation for what happened would be laughable if I did not feel so unhappy about it. It would have been much less insulting to have offered no financial consideration at all. I mean really, do you think my health and the loss of a number of my few remaining working days have virtually no value. I will have no use for the 50 euro coupon as I have no plan to fly on KLM again.I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; I do not consider this matter to be sufficiently resolved yet; but, although I do not intend to fly on KLM airlines again due to the mistreatment I received and their less than satisfactory concern for my health I do feel that in matters that might concern others who fly on KLM that they at least claim to have resolved those matters with reasonable fairness and appropriateness, so I do NOT, at this point, ask you to show your disapproval by boycotting KLM and their associated companies.


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