How did human society come to be as it is?

There is so very much that takes place in the world that virtually everyone takes for granted is a reasonable way to live. Few ever consider virtually all that happens in the world developed through a long series of small steps from often unknown beginnings, frequently without plan or direction. We are left today with a world that fills our lives with much that is of no value, and much that is even harmful for us as individuals and harmful to all humanity. In the future we must discard all that is wrong and make sure all that is right is introduced. Even much of what we believe we are attracted to has been conditioned into us. We have no right to desire anything which is wrong.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; much of what has come to exist in human society is only there because someone realized they could make financial gain from it. So much of human effort and resources are spent in ways that serve no good purpose and may even cause harm, sometimes even deathly harm, but if a financial profit can be made someone will still want to do it. I ask you to consider all things that make up your daily life and see how much is of benefit to Allah and His Ummah, and how much has no real value. If you do this honestly you might be very surprised.


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