Martyrdom, not Suicide

by an anonymous writer

I think Muslims should quit using the term ‘suicide bomber’ because suicide is a major sin in Islam and the brave Muslim brothers and sisters who give up their lives in the struggle for Islam are not committing suicide, they are martyrs dying for the cause of Islam. Even if some of you non-Muslims do not understand or accept the Islamic concept of ‘shaheed’ the English language definition of martyr makes it clear that Muslims who give up their lives for Islam are martyrs. According to Webster’s dictionary a martyr is a person who sacrifices something of great value, especially life itself, for the sake of religion or an important principle. Suicide is the taking of your own life because you want to die. The Muslim bombers don’t want to die; they want to protect Islam and the Muslim ummah. I think the term ‘suicide bomber’ was invented by the Western media, or maybe even by the CIA psychological operations department, to make Muslims think they were committing a sinful suicide rather than an honourable martyrdom. I think what I have said is important to know because it is the objective truth, not something untrue said to achieve a desired outcome. Honesty is very important. BUT – please do not think I am supporting Muslims bombing anyone. Islam is the way of peace, and only through peace can the human race have a future. I feel sorry for both the bombers and the victims of the bombers; the loss of human life is a terrible thing.


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