Violence Just Seems So Very Primitive

I have been very troubled, particularly during the past few years, that the use of violence is becoming so prevalent throughout the world. I had thought, (meaning hoped, expected, and prayed) that with the coming of the 21st century perhaps sanity would prevail and force and aggression would quickly disappear from all aspects of human society, from individual relations to international relations. It seems I was very wrong. Instead, violence in all aspects of human life is on the increase, particularly in international relations.As Allah places human life as His Khalifah on Earth He bestows upon us great responsibilities, and endows us with the use of great powers in order to enable us to successfully carry out our responsibilities as His Khalifah. The powers Allah provides us with include a most exquisitely wonderful brain that is capable of levels of technological achievement almost beyond belief. It is the Will of Allah that we use all the powers He has Blessed us with, including technological expertise, in the service of goodness, never in the service of evil.

For the continued survival of the human race we must become so good, so moral, and so mature as a society, before we develop the technological ability to destroy all life on our gloriously beautiful and bountiful planet, that we would never misuse that power. We have for far too long persisted in the use of force and aggression as a means to attain our desired goals, even though Allah has many times made it undeniably clear through revelation that we are to live our lives and develop our society according the way of peace and love. We are indeed at the danger point!

I say to you my dear Muslim (and non-Muslim) brothers and sisters, a critical moment has been reached in the development of human society. If peace and love does not soon prevail over the continued and pervasive use of force and aggression there will be no future for the human race. The threat to human survival is so severe that you must know if we do not make that required transformation into a society of peace and love the likelihood of there ever being a 22nd century is very small indeed.


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