Omnipotence Paradox


Then consider this. If God is omnipotent, can He destroy Himself? If He can, that means He is not omnipotent as He can be destroyed. If He cannot, then His power is limited so He is not omnipotent.

Answer (by the Answer Man):

If you came up with this question on your own it is quite impressive. In the long history of theology variations of this seeming paradox have been posed numerous times. Many theologians have had great difficulty coming up with an acceptable answer. The answer I give is not uniquely mine, but I believe it is probably the best of the available answers.

Often semantic difficulties make not only answering such questions difficult, but sometimes even the asking of such a question can be quite difficult. So assuming it is true that God exists and is omnipotent (all powerful) this would mean that there is absolutely nothing that God could not do. Therefore, God’s omnipotence would mean He had the power to destroy Himself. The key to answering this apparent dilemma is to understand that the tawhid (oneness) of God simultaneously encompasses all possible attributes; many attributes and the expression of these attributes are clearly not independent of each other. Another of God’s attributes is goodness, and as are all of God’s attributes this goodness is expressed infinitely. So although God has the power to destroy Himself, He is so perfectly good that He would never choose to use that power for anything but good. Obviously, the destruction of God would be the ultimately evil
act, so then there would never be any possibility at all that God would use the power available to Him to carry out that destruction. The possession of a power does not necessarily entail the expression of that power.

I hope you find some satisfaction in this answer.

The Answer Man


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