Final Resolution to KLM Complaint

The Caliph is pleased to say that the problems which arose over mistreatment on Dutch KLM airlines have been satisfactorily resolved. In a meeting with a regional manager high within the administration of KLM who traveled to Malaysia the Caliph accepts the sincerity of the KLM Company and management to ensure that those of all races and religions are treated with utmost courtesy. In particular there was a genuine assurance that there is no corporate discrimination or bad feeling toward Islam or Muslims. The specifics that resulted in the mistreatment have been corrected as much as is possible given the vagaries of human behaviour. In addition, keeping with Islamic tradition of fair reparation for wrong done a satisfactory agreement of compensation has been reached.I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, given the actions of KLM management to redress an acknowledged wrong committed by one of their staff I ask that there be no remaining bad feeling or financial retribution taken against Dutch KLM airlines. Please feel as free as ever to use KLM services and know that, if Allah permits, the Caliph will also probably travel again on KLM airlines.


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