No Rich People Until Poverty Ends


There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty.

Do you agree or diagree with this statement and why?

Answer (anonymous):

Allah has provided us with a beautiful planet with sufficient resources and the human species with brains so filled with ability that if all are used correctly there would be plenty of everything available to provide for everyone’s basic needs. I consider basic needs to be a nice place to live, enough to care for a family, such as clothes, food, health, education, travel, communication, recreation, and maybe a few other things. Once everyone’s basic needs are provided for then there will still be a significant surplus. Allah does not expect every person to be identical in any characteristic, including the characteristic as to what may satisfy them beyond their basic needs. If some people have the desire to be ‘wealthy’ and that desire does not harm others, and does not take away their basic needs then it would be acceptable to be wealthy. I do think, though, that in a truly right Islamic society there would be few, if any, who would desire much wealth beyond their basic needs and would most desire all surplus be used in the service of Allah to successfully fulfill His Plan for all creation. Allah’s Grand Cosmic Plan seems to include the perfection of the whole physical realm. So there is, and there will forever be, plenty do and plenty to spend our surplus on.



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27 responses to “No Rich People Until Poverty Ends

  1. muhammad

    i look at the early muslim history and i see that every thing was spent on the building of the one was forced into giving up anything .but people did it volunteeraly.
    in a true muslim society people will be at a level of consciouness where they would consider it jihad to eradicate poverty.

    [blog moderator] Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to more insightful inputs from you.

  2. Robyn Adams

    Hi, im doin an essay on this subject at the moment, and this was a real inspiration. Thank you to whoever wrote this!

  3. Sophie Lort

    Hi I am friends with India and Tomika, but i believe that Tomika should leave India to choose her religion and India should leave Tomika. Racheal Hitchener is anouther matter, what is blerp anyway???

  4. Trica Mendez

    I agree sompletely with this statement. I am in the 7th grade and I have witnessed poverty amongst me in the daily life. I believe that as long as there is poverty there shoud be no rich. If the all of the rich gave to all of the poor everyone would have what they needed in life to survive. Amongst us there are many people in denial about them baing able to make a difference in the world but really a simple deed can make a huge difference. I for one am some one of a heathy stature and coming from a weathy home. And i also give to the poor an i know that i have made a difference. I do not give much but I try and give what I can. Most welthy people belive that if you are poor you did not work hard enough of are lazy or don’t try in life. But poverty is more than that, it doesnt matter what poeple to if some one is in need we are obliged to help them, to comfort them, to accept them. If everyone could work a little harder to help one and other everyone could be happy. everyone could live. everyone WOULD be happy.

  5. Tanner

    Who cares for the poor. I live in a mansion and my dad had to work hard for it.

  6. Fatima aka x-elmoro4lyf-x

    I do not agree with the statement for various reasons. One is the fact that according to Islam both wealth and poverty are tests from Allah. One can be tested with both wealth and poverty and how one may deal with each will judge their mental strength, faith, patience and steadfastness.

    How one spend their wealth is very important if one wastes it they will surely be accountable likewise if one uses it wisely and for charitable causes he/she will be rewarded.

    ‘And whatsoever you spend of anything (in the cause of Allah), He will replace it. He is the best of those who grants sustenance.’ [34:39]

    When one spends from his/her wealth he/she will not find a decrease in his/her wealth this is because Allah will replace it and make it even more plentiful.

    At the end of the day whatever happens is Allah’s destiny, if those that are well of do not care for those who are not they will be accountable and therefore those who suffer in return will be rewarded in the next life.

    Those that are poor may complain, and question Allah’s power to over them sustenance and also they may question His mercy, this will result in them losing the opportunity of gaining immense reward.

    Wealth can be used to measure some ones commitment and loyalty, it will also judge one’s character. Wealth also judges the way one carry’s his/herself.

    Allah has provided everyone with enough resources, however humans fail to share these resources out equally. The world can be in a fit financial state yet there still may be people that are very wealthy. These people would then have to give charity and keep their earnings pure and also keep the fact that wealth is a test from God in their minds.

    Some may agree with the statement because they may have witnessed poverty and the effects it has on people. They may believe that if the all of the rich gave to all of the poor everyone would have what they needed in life to survive. They may feel that rich people make those that are less fortunate live in denial. They may also blame those that are rich for the suffering they may encounter. Some rich people may think that the poor do not deserve the money they have, they may think this because they believe that they work for the money they have and the poor do not work hard enough to earn money and are lazy they may also believe that the poor are undeserving.

  7. Carmel

    This is a difficult question and can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. It is not saying that every one has to be poor. It is saying that all people should be equal. The overwhelming evidence Christianity is that people should share. Christians believe that those with money should give to those less fortunate. The Bible says “The love of money is the root of all evil”. This is saying that if people become too obsessed with money, it leads to bad things like jealousy and greed.

  8. thanks these answers did really helped me out in my coursework…..

  9. `There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world`, I disagree with this statement because in my opinion the world is mainly ruled by rich people, only rich are trying their best to finish poverty around the world.

    If there are no rich people than who is going to help the poor? No one can survive without money, food and water. someone has to be a leader. If there is no money than how people are going to grow crops, how the people are going to get clean water. There is no chance for any one surviving on this planet without money.So some where in this planet there have to be rich people.In this 21st century mainly Europe,America and few countries from Asia are ahead of African countries because they are rich.

    I disagree with the statement because if there are no rich people in the world than who is going to stop poverty. In this century mainly organisations from MEDCs (more developed countries)are trying to stop it because they got money. If there are no rich people than there is very little chance for the humanity to survive.

  10. Gull hashim zada

    i think its helpfull for those students who wants help from internet and other sources but i recon its quite helpfull ……….cheers

  11. Anonymous

    IS this person who asked the question so stupid they cant even answer that question?? im sure your teacher wanted the answer from your point of view…. not from someone elses…

    people theses dayss…

  12. XxX_suma_XxX

    im doing a coursework on this question
    this has helped me alot
    thank you whoever put the question here….thanks alot…

  13. Mariyam

    Trica i found your comment really sweet and its very nice of you to do what you can for the poor. its just a shame that other people aint like you and dont think of others, and Tanner, what if your dad didnt have a mansion and you were born into a family that couldnt afford to buy you the basic things like food and shelter never mind keep you in a mansion. you seem spoilt but some people cant afford to spoil their kids. its just a shame you dont understand that because youve never lived a life with restrictions. i dont want you to take offence of anything ive said but you should put yourself in the poor peoples shoes, and i think you should research on the poverty cycle. it’ll show you that people dont just becaome poor because of laziness. an whoever it is that left the message with their name anonymous, i think you must’ve been bored an thought of writing that message as a way to kill time. it was quite good reading your message though, you seem to be a sort of person who likes playing pranks and having a laff. i dought you even read the other comments. am i right?????? anyway i think that we should do all that we can to help the poor. im a muslim and i belive in the quranic ayah that “he is not a believer who eats his full while his neighbour is hungary by his side”
    it just shows that we should not take advantage of the fact that we can afford what other people cannot. God forbid, there may come a day when it is you who need help and people think of you as lazy and turn their back away. and dont turn your back on others too, because you wouldnt like to be in that position.

  14. Mariyam

    SORRY theres like loadz of spelling mistakes in that comment
    and i dont want anyone to take offence of what ive said previously and i dont want to sound cheeky
    thnx for the comments they reely helped me in doing my coursework anyway

  15. henna

    i am sooooooooooooooooo thick that i cant read da queation

  16. henna

    plz excuse the messge above as it woz from mariyam, messing about. I would like to take this opportunity to inform the rich, poor, middle, working and upper class brothers and sisters about wealth and poverty.
    Firstly, in this world the majority of the wealth created is is created by exploiting the worlds resources which are not shared equally. Millions of people live in relative and absolute poverty.
    The term of trade between LEDCs and MEDCs are unfair to LEDCs and keep them poor. Nike (the company) pay children in India 12p for every 25 leather footballs they sow. Firstly, this contradicts the opinions that some people hold about poor that they are bone-idle. I dont think they would work for 12p a day to struggle to survive. If these children work all day for money that doesnt even pay for freddos any more, when will they study. How will these children serve the community when they are older. Nike then bring them footballs back to the MEDCs and sell for ridiculous amounts. £10-25 pays for the average football which we kick around in the mud for which a child wastes it childhood away for. Then the MEDCs create the UN and play mister nice nice and offer them “help”. help in the form of debt. It is known that Britain is still paying USA for the debt owed since WW1. This debt gets double treble amounts of interests added on each year which these alreadey broke countrys have to pay and so become even poor. where as companys like Nike get richer and richer. Poverty lies even in rich countries. In the USA (superpower), 1in 4 children lived below the official pvert line IN A RICH CUNTRY. Many people live with less than half the average of the societys income. In 2004 the average French person earned ten times as much as the average Indian. This means that many people are denied the opportunity enjoyed by those living in wealthier countries. The extent of global inequality is so great that many people r strugglin at the edge of survival in absolute poverty. These people become malnurished which causes the body to close down. then u ask if rich should exist i there is poverty, well rich wouldnt exist if there was no poverty. there should be the rich to help the poor, however my argument is that the rich shopuld not exploit the poor. Islam solves all these problems by making zakah compulsory that muslims have to pay (a charity of 2.5% of the annual savings if u have a specific amount). Maybe if we all contributed to this poverty would vanish. May peace be upon u.

  17. henna

    essay above contains facts from the humanities revision guide AQA.

  18. m'n'm

    ive got coursework on dis
    nd it helped mi alot….fankx
    reali helped

  19. ?????

    are there any answers based on christianity?

  20. Anonymous

    thaaanx!! helped soooo much

  21. Anonymous

    thank 4 helping me wiv ma coursework!
    bless ya all

  22. thank you this has helped me a lot with my re coursework as i have to write 400-600words on this, thanks again

  23. india

    iv just found this page again.
    i want to express my thanks in posting this question as it helped me achieve an A in my course work!!!!
    thank you!!!!!
    it also helped me solve my probablem with my good friends tomika and sophie.
    they have finally understood my religious preference and we are still bmas!!!

  24. Hanna

    There will always be those who are rich and those who are poor; it is a fact of life. There will always be people who work hard for their success and wealth and those who are lazy who will never get a great income. Being hard working is a gift from god and in the parable of the talents, God tells us to use our gifts.

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