Islam: The Future of the World!

I am finding it increasingly upsetting that Western governments and the media feel so free and so justified to very publicly proclaim to the whole world that their way of life is superior in all ways to the Islamic way of life. I know their way of life very well. I also know the Islamic way of life very well. I don’t want to say that there is nothing good or of value in the various aspects of the Western way of life, but to be honest the Western way of life has very little that is good and very little that is of value.

The politics of the West while praising itself with fine and high sounding words offers so little to world society and steals so much that is right from society that it can only be considered as a great sin. So to with the business principles and practices of capitalism, a system so basically unfair to human society that it is ludicrous. The culture of the West is so crude, so cruel, and so inhumane that it is almost unlivable. And as to the morality of the West, well, it is so godless, and so decadent as to be virtually non-existent.

In Islam I find the political system, the economic system, the cultural niceties, and the moral constraints to be in virtually all ways to be markedly superior to the Western way of life. I am sure many Western non-Muslims will find that statement very difficult to accept. You should know I am not an unquestioning believer in Islam. I was, far in the past, probably more godless and more decadent than most who live the Western way of life. I had no religion, I was not seeking God, and I was not trying to fill any spiritual vacuum. To be honest I was quite satisfied with the life without God, without morality, and without responsibility that I was able to live.

First it was to my great surprise that as a fair and objective scientist I found that I could no longer refuse to accept that the necessary logical implications of modern science, particularly theoretical physics and cosmology had reached a point where the existence of God could no longer be denied. Now having had to accept the existence of God, and searching the religions of the world for the one which could accommodate a scientist who remained committed to logic and reason, to my even greater surprise I came to the realization that there was no other religion I could commit to but Islam.

Now after almost thirty years of life and study as a Muslim I have come to realize that there is no other way of life but Islam that can provide a solution to all the many problems facing our world and ensure a good and decent future for the human race. I wish I could easily give you my well justified reasons for saying this, because having been deeply ensconced within the lifestyle of the West I can understand how completely unlikely it is that my words will ring true to a non-Muslim. I had to commit many years to intense study of Islamic knowledge before I could overcome my ignorance of the truth and many of my deeply engrained prejudices.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we have for far too long been on the defensive about our beautiful religion. We have, due to powerful psychological conditioning and social/political pressures, been made to feel uncomfortable to say to the world that Islam is the perfect way of life for all human beings; to say that without submission to the Will of Allah there can be no sustainable future for the human race. This reticence must change and every Muslim must remember that Allah has chosen us to be the ones to bring Islam to all the people of the world. We must proceed with confidence and not be dissuaded from our fated obligation by the opposition of the forces of evil. It is our destiny to bring Islam to the world, and it is our destiny to succeed.


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