Hamas leader’s statement

I found the following quote in the newspaper a couple of days ago. I am surprised, well not really, that the Americans and the Israelis are trying to make it seem that Hamas is some dangerous and practically crazed group dedicated to bringing evil to the world. But when you hear what the Hamas leaders have to say it seems they are the most reasonable ones. Al-Zahar speaks the way I would expect a good Muslim brother to speak. The leaders of the Western nations have tricked the world into thinking they always tell the truth and they are always in the right. The way I see it the Western leaders almost never tell the truth and are almost never right. Islam is clearly the only right way; Muslims are clearly the best of the world’s people.
Al-Zahar, one of the leaders of Hamas said, “We are a movement that neither brands other Muslims as infidels, nor abandons them. We are a movement that lives with the people in a real world and tries to attract them to Islam through wisdom and good advice.

“We call for following God’s path with an open mind,” al-Zahar said.
“By adopting this moderate approach, which is initiated by the prophet (Muhammad), Hamas movement has succeeded in attracting voters to its programme of Islam.
“When Hamas went to parliament, the people who had voted for it were convinced that Islam would help solve their economic, social and political problems along with managing their battles against the [Israeli] occupation,” al-Zahar added.


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  1. muhammad

    of course the zoinests and their supporters(which i like to call the true dictators or the true tyrants) want to controle their populations (they dont want an uprising from their own people against the atrocities commited by the tyrant western gov.s like the US or israel).so these tyrants are using the muslims and islam to scare their people ,into thinking that what ever laws are being broken and what crimes against humanity are being commited , are ok .but what are their actual motives?
    well, the answer is greed. all the big military arms deals go on with the permission of these tyrant countries(US, GB, isreal, france, and all the G8).their econimies are based on thses businesses, i.e. they provide the means by which people can kill each other.on going wars generate a lot of money for the west. it is the white man’s burden , that he has to be the one who supplies the guns and bulltes
    .WTO is doing its part in helping the 3rd world slowely poison itself .and finely when the 3rd world gets sick guess who will the first to sell the life saving drug to it? yes, the answer is the developed world. and at a price of 3rd world’s soul.

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