Concept of Democracy in Islam

Islam is the best possible democratic system. In Islam everyone has the right to have a say in all that happens which will affect them or their community. Any matter can be brought up, but there can never be a matter to be decided upon that has already been decided by Allah. For example, Allah has already told us that we should pray five times a day so there could never be a proposal put to a vote to see if people should pray only one time each day.

Islamic democracy does not require a majority vote system, but a majority vote system would be acceptable if that is what people wanted. Allah is the ultimate source of what is right and wrong (lawful) and no laws could ever be passed or brought to a vote that were against His already stated Will. But in Islam political systems other than the majority vote are also acceptable, as long as every person has a chance to have their opinion heard and their rights guaranteed under Islam are granted.

Allah has told us that the ‘consensus’ of His ummah would never be wrong: He never said the ‘majority’ of His Ummah would never be wrong. For matters of great importance consensus is usually far superior to majority. Consensus in Islam means everyone in a small group and almost everyone in a large group. If you happen to have disagreed with the consensus position before the vote it is your responsibility to support the consensus position after the vote – and to do so with good feeling. This is a good idea so that you don’t have people who were unhappy with the decision doing all they can after the vote to undermine those decisions they don’t agree with like happens so often in majority vote systems.

Ultimately the political system in Islam tries to stay out of people’s private life as much as possible and individual freedom is highly prized. It is expected that each individual will govern themselves according to the Will of Allah, so not much control from government should be necessary. All decisions made that affect the social whole by either government or private organizations should always be based on the premise that whatever they do will be consistent with the Will of Allah so it is hard to go very wrong.

Overall I would say the democratic political and social systems of Islam, although different from the Western systems, are superior to those of the West in every way.

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6 responses to “Concept of Democracy in Islam

  1. gultajparveen

    defination of democracy

    • bashir

      This is not democracy. It’s dictatorship, in a democratic society all laws are made by people to safeguard the rights of all citizens and everybody has equal rights. In Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims, women and men have no equal rights.

      • Pls visit this site : . it’s help you to over come from an wrong idea.

      • muntahi

        Islam is the only religion which gives equal rights to all the persons in the state,the system or rules are provided by creator of this world himself Allah, Muslims just have to impose them and it is clear that the intelligence of creature can not be better then creator and the creator always wants best for his creature, for further understanding please study the real books of Islam the best Qur’an pak….
        Islam gave full protection and a pious status to women and do not let them a toy in the society like before, Islam gave the women full honor in the form of daughter,sister,wife and mother

  2. saim

    who say this please read islam carefully.

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