Solution to Jewish problem

Comment # 1 (Beverly Simonson)

There is something not right about the Jewish people of the world. I am an American university student but I don’t think we are supposed to hate Jews. Somehow Jewish people have got a lot of the most powerful countries in the world, but mainly America, to support them when they do things that if they were done by any other country America would be trying to find a way to invade them and put a stop to the harm they are doing.

If I said this at my university in America I would be in big trouble and I would be called anti-Semitic and if I kept saying these things I would get kicked out. But Jewish people are causing more harm than anyone in the world except for possibly America. But America wouldn’t even be doing a lot of the harm it is doing except they are doing it for the Jews. Now I claim this is not an anti-Semitic thing to say. I am speaking a truth known by millions of people in America and billions of people in the whole world. I don’t say it because I hate Jews, I would like Jews just fine if they were not causing so much harm to the rest of the world.

Jews aren’t even a race but they act like they are a race. They call themselves a religion but most Jews I know are not religious at all, they don’t even believe in God. They are just a group of people who claim to have some identity due to history, and that is OK too. The religion of the Jews is not so bad anyone should hate Jews for their religion, they are not a race but come in all colors so you can’t hate them for their race. They mostly look and act like other people except many of their leaders, but not all Jews, somehow never learned to care about anyone but themselves and don’t mind if hundreds of thousands of non-Jews are killed if that gets them what they want. After the terrible things that happened to Jewish people in the Second World War I would expect Jewish people to have more care about what happens to others not less. Many of the Jewish leaders in Israel talk and act like the Nazis who tried to carry out genocide on them.

I think there is some mental illness in some parts of the Jewish people/culture/politics. I don’t know exactly what it is but unless they can get it fixed they are going to make even all the nice Jewish people hated too, and they are harming the world so much we might not ever recover. So they have to be stopped. Stopping them will take the millions of people in America who know how wrong the Jewish leaders are and how they tricked America into supporting some of the worst crimes against humanity in the world today being willing to come out publicly and saying this is what they know to be true and not being scared to tell the truth because you will get labeled anti-Semitic by those who want to silence you and stop the truth from being heard. This is not only the way to help America and the world but even though they might not believe it yet it will help the Jews by getting them accepted just like everyone else in the world.

It’s simple really, if you do good things people will like you and if you do bad things people won’t like you.

Comment #2 (Anonymous)

What is wrong with the jews is that they cant seem to get it into their heads that all the land in the middle east doesnt belong to them, it never belonged to them and it will never belong to them. How the brainwashed so many people in other countries to believe they somehow own all that land is totaly stupid. That land is special land to God and God didnt give anyone any special right to it forever. Whoever lived on the land is who the land belonged to and if you take land from someone by force that land never becomes yours, you are always a criminal holding on to stolen property and you should be dealt with like a criminal. The whole world should start treating Israel like the criminal terrorist state that it is and do absolutely anything necessary to stop the criminal behahiour of the Israeli government and make them give back what they have stolen, make reperations for the harm they caused, and suffer the penalties for the crimes they have committed. Only after all that could Israel expect to have any chance to join the good nations of the world.

Comment #3 (Anonymous)

I have an easy solution to the problem of so many western countries and specially america supporting Islareal no matter what (censored word) thing they do. I agree with whoever said the Jewish crimes must be stopped whatever it takes. I suggest as a solution that the Islamic Arab countries who have most of the world’s oil refuse to sell any oil or other petroleum products to any country that supports Israel. That should change the behaviour of Israel quick because they could never get away with any of their terrible crimes and terrorist actions against Palestinians and other Muslim countries in the region if they didnt have the backing of powerful friends.


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