The Caliph Does Not Yet Condemn a Nuclear Iran

Nuclear weaponsThe controversy over Iran’s nuclear activities has caused me quite a dilemma. I have for much of my life been just about as anti-nuclear as it is possible to be. My primary objection has been to the production and possession of nuclear weapons, but my objection carries over into nuclear power until it can be proven to be ‘totally’ unable to cause massive social and ecological harm. My dilemma is that I would like to publicly oppose the possible attempt to create and possess nuclear weapons by the Iranian government. I am not at all sure this is their intention, but if possessing nuclear weapons is their intention I would like to make clear my opposition to such a plan.So far, though, I just cannot bring myself to make any public objection to the acquisition and possession of nuclear weapons as long as there is no equivalent process of complaint and dissuasion being carried out against Israel which is widely known to possess quite a large number of nuclear weapons and to have threatened to use them against their Arab and Muslim neighbors. To let you know how seriously I object to the creation and possession of nuclear weapons, I consider it to be a crime of such magnitude that it qualifies as being a ‘crime against humanity’. Those guilty of perpetrating such a crime should be brought under the full weight of international law and penalized appropriately and severely.

Given the depth of my feelings against nuclear weapons it makes me quite uncomfortable not to be able to express my disapproval of any possible plan by Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, but as difficult as it might be I am going to have to wait to offer that public disapproval until similar actions are taken by the United States, the major European powers, and the United Nations to disarm Israel of all nuclear weaponry. Although mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a completely insane policy I think the probability of nuclear weapons being used is even greater when there is one militarily aggressive, expansionist nation that possesses nuclear weapons when other countries who oppose that nuclear armed aggressor nation do not possess nuclear weapons than when the nations of the opposing sides both possess nuclear weapons. Of course, the only sane course of action, and the only solution which can ensure that nuclear weapons will never be used is to effectively ban every nation in the whole world from developing and possessing nuclear weapons.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; ultimately you must accept nothing but a future world where nuclear weapons do not exist and cannot be made to exist. Until that time of sanity and safety arrives, work in every way possible to influence the world’s governments to everything within their power to reduce the present nuclear threat. There is no such thing as a country so morally good and right that they can be trusted to possess nuclear weapons. Do not at this point support condemnation or sanctions against Iran for their efforts to develop nuclear technology (which may not include nuclear weapons) until equal condemnation and sanctions are employed against the presently existing and much more dangerous nuclear technology and weaponry in the possession of the nation of Israel.


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