Sickened by the Sanctioned Murder of 100,000 Iraqi People

I keep reading in the news that United States President George W. Bush maintains his claim that the removal of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from office was sufficient justification for the American military attack on Iraq. I feel extremely upset over this issue so I will try to make my response brief. Even as I have to depend on largely ‘managed’ news reports as to what is happening in Iraq several things have become very clear. Although the US government and their military forces apparently do not care enough for the lives of the Iraqi people to even bother to count the numbers of Iraqis they have killed, given the available information it would be difficult to believe that less than 100,000 Iraqi citizens, and probably many more, have had their lives stolen from them as a direct result of the murderous American military attack on Iraq.From my knowledge of Iraq before the American attacks on their country I have no doubt that that there are few areas in the life of the ordinary Iraqi people that are better now than they were before those brutal attacks. In polls the Iraqi people and many members of the present Iraqi government have left no doubt that they believe the American attacks on their country and people, followed by a brutal military occupation of their nation, have resulted in a severe deterioration in most aspects of daily life. Whatever good, if any, that has come from the American attacks on Iraq pales in comparison with the massive harm wrought upon the nation and its people.

I find it just so incredible that here in the 21st Century the governments of the world, supposedly represented and given voice by the United Nations, would remain relatively silent as they accept or at least permit one very powerful country, the United States, under no known threat from another almost helpless country, Iraq, to make such a costly and lethal military attack upon a mostly innocent civilian population. How can the lives of 100,000 or more Iraqi people, virtually all of them innocent civilians mean so little in the eyes of the world’s governments? I am truly appalled by this great and cruel wrong that has been perpetrated directly upon the people of Iraq and indirectly upon all the people of the world. For the survival of the human race we must have peace in the world, and we are never going to have peace in the world when there is a nation among the society of nations that is willing to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings to achieve their goals regardless of whether those goals be envious or foul.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; we must make sure no more military attacks such as the anachronistic American attack on Iraq ever happen again. The human race has been placed here by Allah with a purpose of such immense importance that we cannot allow selfish nationalistic ideologies to endanger Allah’s Plan for His Creation.


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