The Deconstruction of Ex-Hostage Jill Carroll

A few days ago I saw a video of the press conference held by Jill Carroll, the freed American journalist for the Christian Science Monitor after her 82-days of captivity in Iraq. I was amazed at the honesty and freedom with which she spoke. Usually after release hostages are not allowed to face the media until they are ‘debriefed’ by American authorities, often officials of the CIA. Of course after these debriefings you will virtually never see an ex-hostage speaking freely and honestly.Whatever else happens during those so-called debriefings let there be no doubt that the ex-hostages will be left with no question as to what is expected of them in the name of American patriotism, in the security interests of the United States, and ultimately for their own safety. They are to say little or nothing positive about the hostage takers or their cause, they are to make their time as hostages seem as terrible as possible, and of utmost importance, they are never to say anything negative about the US Government, its policies, or its officials. If you were to believe that no one has ever had their life threatened by US Government officials during these ‘debriefings’ as a means to ensure complete compliance with their demands then you would be deluding yourself. A debriefing can be an extremely unpleasant experience for those who do not wholeheartedly support the policies and actions of the United States government.

Actually this was the first time I ever saw an ex-hostage interviewed by the media before being debriefed by US Government officials. At the time I remember thinking that it was a very wise move by the Iraqis to arrange the press interview prior to handing Jill Carroll over to the American authorities who would have taken complete control of her life and her words. Obviously even with the best of treatment, being held hostage with your life at stake for 82 days is going to be a terrifying experience to undergo. I was amazed to see how well Jill Carroll looked and even more amazed to hear what she had to say.

At the press conference Jill Carroll stressed that she has always been well treated by her captors, that she had never even been threatened, and that her captors believed what they were doing was in the best interests of their beloved country. Then she went on to say that United States President George W. Bush had lied time after time to the American people to convince them he was right to have attacked and occupied the Iraqi nation and people; and, she said that the best thing America could do now is immediately remove all its military forces from Iraq.

Very brave Jill, very honest; all truths that needed to be said and heard. Unfortunately, I immediately had no doubt that the massive American government propaganda machine and its compliant media spinners would be hard at work preparing to discredit and discount everything Jill Carroll had said. Remarks seen to be so very powerfully against American interests could not be allowed to prevail, they must be destroyed, Jill along with them if necessary. I knew that within days we would hear from her parents, her friends, her employer, US government officials, a never ending string of self proclaimed ‘experts’ on political kidnappings and hostage behaviour, and now a seeming infinity of vicious well-funded neo-con “blogs” on the internet most providing reasons why Jill Carroll’s honest expression of her feelings and beliefs were done under duress and how she could never have truly meant any of what she had to say, and with a few making every kind of cruel personal attack on Jill Carroll that could be imagined.

Here you can see a few of the milder attempts I already found in the news media to discredit the words of Jill Carroll, but I am sure you will see many more:

1. Her employer, The Christian Science Monitor, said “Carroll was warned by her captors that she may be killed if she talked with US officials after her release” 2. Jill Carroll was at first reluctant to go with an American military escort to the fortified Green Zone, headquarters of the US military. To justify this reluctance the media reported her parents had told them Jill had admitted her abductors had told her the Green Zone had been infiltrated by militants and she might be killed if she cooperated with the Americans. 3. According to ‘official’ reports Carroll's captors had, the night before her release, demanded that she make a video praising her captors and attacking the United States. 4. Friends said such statements didn’t sound like Jill at all and she must have been coerced into saying such things. 5. Jill Carroll’s father said his daughter had told him she felt compelled to make those statements strongly critical of George Bush, the US president, and his policy in Iraq to secure her freedom.

I say to you my dear Muslim brothers and sisters; I am convinced the truth is in the original statement made by Jill Carroll at the press conference in front of the world media; but, most people will never now know for sure, since truth has been a completely lost commodity during the Bush Presidency and after the illegal attack and occupation of Iraq. It is not only America that is at fault, most of the world’s Western governments, the Western media, and Western culture have forsaken truth in search of some ill defined, unattainable, Godless future for the world’s people. Today things have gotten so bad that Muslims cannot even trust other Muslims. Maybe someday history will be written objectively and hundreds of years of falsehoods will be uncovered and the truth revealed. Regarding the case of Jill Carroll, all I can say is that my many years of training and practice in ‘reading’ the truth in human communication tells me everything Jill Carroll originally said at the press conference was the unequivocal truth.


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