Q & A: Uniting the ummah


The perennial war between the traditionalists and wahhabis has been detrimental to the progression of the ummah. what could possibly be the solution to this conflict?

Answer (The Answer Man's Friend)

I think a final resolution to the differences between the khalaf and the salaf is going to be a long time coming; but there are desperate problems facing our Muslim Ummah right now that can only be successfully resolved by a united Muslim Ummah. I suggest as a solution the position as follows: we accept that there are some differences between the interpretations of various groups within the greater Muslim Ummah which will take time, patience, and greater knowledge to resolve, but we say that our primary enemy right now consists of the destructive influences of secular materialism and the decadent Western cultural practices. It will take the fullest effort of a combined and united Muslim Ummah to successfully defeat such a powerful, cunning, and subtle enemy.

Shaitan is using secular materialism and Western cultural influence right now most effectively to destroy the beautiful faith of our Muslim Ummah. When you are out on the battlefield striving through jihad in the name of Allah for Islam and for the Muslim Ummah it is most definitely NOT the right time to get into an argument with your brother fighting next to you over matters, even important matters, of interpretation of Islamic belief and practice. The goal is to win the battle against shaitan first, then after Islam and the Muslim Ummah is safe then is the time to open debate into the rightness or wrongness of our brother’s and sister’s interpretation of matters related to our aqidah.

We must join together in fullest harmony to fight the evil threatening Islam from the outside first then, and only then, are we justified in resolving differences of interpretation within our Muslim Ummah.


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