Q & A: What about those Ignorant of Islam


What will happen to those people who are living in ignorance of the truth. Those who have not recieved the message. The children born muslims unfortunately in kafir homes and are not aware of the truth behind this universe. Are they destined to burn as well as those who openly reject faith. I have some idea but I would like to hear the opinion of the Khaliph or his representitives that are educated in Islam.


Whether what we commonly refer to as a ‘non-Muslim’ can enter paradise has long been a question for debate. Many scholars feel the answer is an unequivocal no, while others are not so sure. The Caliph is of course familiar with the Sura and hadith that some scholars take as absolute confirmation that a non-Muslim cannot enter Paradise; but having heard the Caliph speak on this matter quite a number of times I would say his position is that although it might seem quite clear to us who is and who is not a Muslim, that Allah may have a different criteria. Then there is the issue of Allah’s Mercy to be considered; a Mercy that is beyond our comprehension.

Given this brief information I think I could fairly say that the Caliph would not, in any usual sense of the terms, be willing to say without doubt that no ‘non-Muslim’ could ever enter Paradise. He would believe that only Allah could know the true answer to this question. The Caliph though, I am also sure, would believe that it would be in the best interests of every human being, in this world and in the afterlife, to become a believing and practicing Muslim.

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