Book: Three Contemporary Reformers In Islam


Through the Khalifah Institute we always try to disseminate and promote the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam. Sometimes, though, I worry that perhaps because we so often use the language of modern science and technology to describe traditional Islamic belief and practice that there may be those who do not realize how closely we try to stay within the bounds of authentic Islamic scholarship.

To remedy what could otherwise come to be a misunderstanding as to the traditional authenticity of the Islamic knowledge we present to the world through the Khalifah Institute we thought it would be useful to present the ideas and words of some prominent Muslim scholars concerning many of the same Islamic concepts and issues which form the ideological basis of the Khalifah Project.

This volume reviews the writings of three prominent Muslim scholars of the 20th century. They are Sir Dr. Allamah Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Ali Shariati, and Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman. I think it would be true to say that they are representative of the diversity of modern Islamic scholarship. In a later volume we will present the ideas and writings of various early Muslim scholars covering a similar range of Islamic Issues.


I could not say that we at the Khalifah Institute are in complete agreement with the ideas expounded by any of these three important scholars, but we are certainly in general agreement with most of the enlightened knowledge that all three of these scholars have contributed to the modern Muslim ummah. 

None of these scholars, although they are all contemporary, write in the manner I do so you will find their choice of words very different than mine. Sometimes, perhaps, their words can be a little difficult to understand (although my writings must also occasionally suffer from that same malady). 

I think you will find in the articles by these three outstanding Muslim scholars literally hundreds of instance where the ideas they are expressing are in complete agreement with the teachings of the scientific understanding of Islamic knowledge being disseminated through the Khalifah Institute. Additionally, the general Islamic worldview presented, and I would say consensually held, by all three scholars is virtually identical with the spiritual perspective behind the dawah activities of the Khalifah Project.

Muhammad al’Mahdi

Founder, Khalifah Institute

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3 responses to “Book: Three Contemporary Reformers In Islam

  1. munirah

    is prof. al’mahdi feeling better already? may Allah preserve his health

  2. I’m informed that he’s out of hospital last weekend

  3. Do have the article on Jihad by Maulana Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari?

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