Q & A: Comment on Public Morality


How do you really define public indecency in a pluralistic society such as malaysia?


The opinion at our website is that the rules for public indecency should be consistent with sharia. Hugging and kissing in public is not more or less indecent now than it has always been, only the feelings of the public as to how wrong it is perceived to be has changed due to the influences of secular materialism and Western cultural decadence. Human opinion does not determine right and wrong, only the Word of Allah can do that.

Basically there are two options, the lowest common denominator and the highest common denominator. The lowest common denominator would be according to the acceptable limits of the decadent Western culture derived from secular materialism; the highest common denominator would be according to the limits of the civilized Muslim culture derived from the sharia of Islam. This should not be presented as an issue of religion, it is a matter of high cultural morality versus low cultural morality. The non-Muslims in Malaysian society have as much to gain from the highest level of cultural morality as do the Muslims. We should always aspire to the highest and reject the lowest.

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