Aphorism: Everything will return to the fullness of their creator, Allah

The nature of the physical universe is that it first encourages then allows material existence to move toward Allah. Every bit of matter in the physical universe is involved in that progression, from the most simple sub-atomic particle to the most complex grouping of sub-atomic particles that can exist. The sub-atomic particle being the nexus point with the originating power that provides the impetus for the creation of these sub-atomic particles, and for the progression of these sub-atomic particles from their simple deterministic beginning to their return in complexity to the fullness of their creator, Allah. As this progression goes on throughout the universe there are many different paths which matter may take in its inexorable movement toward Allah. Not all of these paths will prove successful, and many will fall back into the pool of less complex basic material to perhaps participate once again in another attempt to find a successful path back to Allah.


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