Islamic Psychology: Understanding the development of human personality and soul has put up a new section titled Islamic Psychology here.

I quote a paragraph from Dr. Malik Badri’s article on the Islamization of Western psychology:

I believe what Ghazali suggested centuries ago is probably the best approach in deciding what to Islamize and what to accept as it is in modem Western psychology. We do not need to Islamize psychophysics or the physiology of sight and hearing and the anatomy of the eye and ear. Nor do we need to Islamize studies about the role of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin in our sleep behavior and in adjusting our body clock, the role of the hormone noradrenalin in setting our energy level nor the influence of caffeine, alcohol or heroine on the human nervous system. We do not need to develop our own Islamic statistical psychology or to raise an ethical battle against neutral theories of learning. Such areas, as I said are “no man’s land” between psychology and other exact sciences. But when we come to areas such as the theories of personality, abnormal psychology, the whole area of humanistic psychology and its reliance on existential philosophy, psychoanalysis and most of the schools of psychotherapy and cultural psychology we find that without Islamization, whether we know it or not, we would be accepting and teaching anti-Islamic material based on a quasi-religion of secular humanism. I am using the term quasi-religion to describe the secular humanism of Western modernity because secularism can be an anti-religious religion.



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8 responses to “Islamic Psychology: Understanding the development of human personality and soul

  1. Bashir Ahmad


    For last few days I going through the articles on Islamic Psychology. on your site. It is a stimulating opening closed windows of brain. A commendable work. May Allah reward you. I have a request may anyojne sugest me some books on Islamic Psychology from reputed scholars/writters. I belong to Indian Kashmir.

  2. alia iman

    salam….dear the caliph speaks…

    i’m a student of Prof Malik Badri at IIUM these 4 years of studies…

    He is the one who very scholarly n his words always insipired all students n fellow lecturers to go further in islamization of psychology…

    • Alhamdulillah, Prof Malik Badri had several sessions of discussion with Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi. They have quite a lot of common understanding and agreement.

    • Zeinab Ali

      I am highly interested in the filed and i was wondering if you can give me the contact of Dr.Malik Badri . That would be of a great help !

  3. enas kamal

    He is a legend ignored by western media.

  4. luca

    Secularism is an anti-religious religion or religion is a anti-secularist secularism???

  5. When I first started out in Psychology,Islamic counselling was in it’s infancy. However my inspiration came from Dr Malik Badri who was the only person at the time that had written a book on Psychology and Islam. Today I would still like to meet Dr Malik Badri without his inspiration I would never be where I am today.

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