Evolution – Does it accurately explain the origin of man?

Evolution was not a naïve or stupid theory. When on looked at the data that was available evolution was not a bad idea and there are some truths to some aspects of evolution. But the bottom line is that evolution was not the way biological life was created, and it is not the way biological life went from simple one-celled organism to more and more complex mammalian forms. Evolution was not the way the first man, Adam, was created. Hence, it is important to have an alternative “theory” to evolution.

But what would be an alternative explanation? A problem arises with the word evolution itself. If we were to ask a group of Muslims if they believed in evolution, they would reply ‘No’. But really, in Islamic theology, Allah has revealed to us that evolution did take place. Because evolution has two meanings.

The first meaning of evolution is “progressive development through stages”. We have no difficulty with this meaning at all in Islam. Allah has revealed to us that that is the way He did the creation.

However, we have difficulty with the second use of the term evolution which has come to refer to the mechanism or the driving force that causes these progressive steps to take place, particularly the one that is the most prominent is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution started out as the concept of natural selection does take place, it is not the driving force that results in the emergence of life forms of greater one-celled organisms to mammals, and then on to man. Biologists have recognized this now.

Apart from the concept of natural selection, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution also expounds the concept of genetic mutation. The major problem with the concept of genetic mutation is that 99% of mutation is harmful to nature. Hence, a theory that asserts that the driving force of progressive development of life forms that is 99% movement in a negative direction is very naïve. Biologists have recognised this also.

There is no currently held biological theory that supports the actual mechanism itself by which we can go from simple one-celled organism to complex mammalian life, and to man (Adam). Despite the widely accepted untenability of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution among the foremost scientists and biologists, the general scientific body still holds on to it. And so, surprisingly, it is common to see on the mainstream medic, such as the Discovery Channel, programmes which put forth explanations on the origin of biological life based on these two concepts of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – natural selection and genetic mutation.

There is an interesting theory that has been proposed after these two concepts have been dispumen. This is called “morphic genetic fields” and a scientist by the name of Penrose proposed it. However, it is not widely accepted by the scientific community. This theory of “morphic genetic fields” states that throughout the universe there is an underlying field which is like a template that leads matter to progress in a certain unfolding plan. This does not sound too far what Allah has said He does. Thus, we can note that as the scientists move away from their naïve concept of natural selection (which is a process that is happening in this world that has no control (by Allah), the serious evolutionist biologists finally propose a theory very close to the Islamic understanding of the origin of man in the universe. This theory is greatly discredited because it is obviously so close to a religious theory of the progressive of development of the material universe. So although this theory has some adherents, it is not widely discussed and expounded. However, I will be doing so.


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  1. Taiye olorundare

    Give account for the origin and nature of man with respect to the caliph of the prophet.

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