Modern Science and the Qur’ān

The work of a popular presenter of Islamic Sciences of French doctor who reverted to Islam by the name of Dr Maurice Bucaille will be very well accepted by Muslims but not among non-Muslims and scientist (although no langable).

What many Muslims have tried to do is to use specific facts in the Qur’ān and prove from science that the facts in the Qur’ān are true.

I think that when we present as science certain facts, we are actually doing Islam a disservice because for Muslims in the first place, we should not be looking for proofs in science that the Qur’ān is true. I actually resent people proving, through science or any other methods, that the Qur’ān is true. I can tell the Qur’ān is true when I read it, and these other ways do not make the Qur’ān any more true. IT IS TRUE!

And I am convinced that these other ways are not convincing to non-Muslims as to the veracity of the Qur’ān. So I wonder what the purpose of these “scientific proofs” of the truthfulness of the Qur’ān is although I am aware that they greatly increase the confidence of Muslims who generally find them attractive. This is because so many Muslims today are influenced by the ideas of secular materialism that they feel they read some proof that the Qur’ān is true. But we Muslims should not feel this way at all!

I have been asked several times what the difference is between my approach and that of others.

I am taking a very different approach in presenting an Islamic perspective of the creation of the universe. I am going from accepted science and I do not refer to many facts in the Qur’ān (except for only a handful – such as Ad Dhariyyah 51:46 which states that the universe is expanding with Allah’s power).

What I will do is show the relationship between accepted facts of modern science and what are generally the beliefs of Islamic theology and Islamic metaphysics, and I will show how there is no separation between them.

I believe this approach is much more effective because now in the Western world, the scientist will be unable to reject there own scientific facts which I use to draw logical conclusions which in turn are in total conformity to Islamic theology and metaphysics.

Allah has told us that to be able to fulfill our role as His Khalifah on earth we must study the two Books of Revelation He has given us, that is, the first Book of Revelation, the Qur’ān, and the second Book of Revelation, the Book of Nature, or Allah’s Physical creation. The second book can only be studied by the combination of all the numerous fields of science.

I have spent most of my life studying this Second Book. And I am convinced that the science contained in this Second Book of Revelation provides an inscrutable basis of the Islamic worldview.

For many centuries, the science that man knows and understood, and the conclusion that he draw from it was neither very deep nor was it accurate. But now science has became a very accurate way to read the facts of the book of the universe.

Western science, though, is a very terrible way to interpret those facts. So my approach is to take these same facts of science (in all its major fields – cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, etc) and to interpret them from an Islamic perspective not from a secular materialistic point of view.

Hence, what you will notice as I present my interpretation of these most modern scientific facts on the creation of the universe and the progressive development of biological life on earth is that while the facts are exactly what you will find in the book of the foremost cosmologist, physicists and evolutionists, I will be inserting a mechanism that puts Allah in the centre of every single change that takes place.


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  1. Junaid

    This might not be the right place to post this comment but I couldnt find any other so sorry u may delete it if u want to, I want to know that is masturbation halal makroh or haram? Some say it’s halal some it’s makroh and some it’s haram so I’m stuck. I’m 14 nd my surroundings bring me thoughts about it so it’s hard to leave it ( I m not from the west) I’m careful about taking ghusl whenever I do it nd I don’t care wat modern science says caz 100 years ago science was also modern for people of those days… Some people use that ayah which is like(I don’t remember exactly)”and those who guard their chastity from their wives and what their right hand possesses, for them there is not blame” so then this thought came to me that do we not possess our left hand? Or right hand? So pls guide me nd I can’t fast caz I’m skinny so my parents are really carefull about me eating oh nd wat ever u answer, if u can pls tell how u can say it….

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