Caliph is the term or title for the Islamic leader of the Ummah, or community of Islam. It is an Anglicized/Latinized version of the Arabic word خليفة or Khalīfah which means “successor”, in this case, successor to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Caliph has often been referred to as Ameer al-Mumineen (أمير المؤمنين), or ‘Prince of the Faithful,’ where ‘Prince’ is used in the context of ‘commander.’

The title of Caliph has been defunct since March 3, 1924, at the end of the First World War, when the secular, Turkish military commander Kemal Atatürk abolished the institution of the Caliphate. Historically the Caliph had been selected by committee. The holder of the title of Caliph claims temporal and spiritual authority over all Muslims, but is not regarded as a possessor of a prophetic mission, since Muhammad (peace be upon him) is regarded in Islam as the final prophet.

Modern understandings of the title of Caliph are varied. Many modern Islamic movements have emphasized the role of Caliph as rendering stewardship from an understanding of the term ‘khalifa’ that equates roughly to the responsibility of acting as a vicegerent or representative of God (Allah) on Earth.

Many Islamist movements have argued for the necessity of re-establishing the institution of a Caliph, as successor to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who would possess clear political, military, and legal standing as the global leader of all Muslims. The absence of a single Muslim head of the Islamic state is considered by some Muslims to be a violation of the Islamic legal code, the Shariah.

Assuming there was a Caliph in the world today what might he say? This Islamic blog offers the Caliph an opportunity to speak to the world’s Muslims. Come back regularly and find out what the Caliph has to say!


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  1. Salamz, may i request that some of these details esp with regards to being a Khalifah of Allah be published in my website and used as references for a Muslimah yahoo group?

    Purpose: To strengthen our Tassawur of Islam by strengthening our minds when assessing today’s events and how to better improve Muslims and the Islamic way of life.

  2. R Q

    The true ‘Caliphate on the precepts of prophethood’ has been continuing since 1908. This year the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam is celebrating the successful completion of the first century of Khilafat in Islam.

  3. Qadiyani Destroyer

    Hi RQ,

    You guys are not Muslims, period. Your sleezy kafir “khalifa” claims to be the “spritual leader of Islam” but can’t even speak a word of Arabic. Did you know the Muslim Qur’an is in Arabic? The prophetic traditions are in Arabic? Our history is in Arabic. Fine if not everyone knows Arabic that’s not a big deal but the freakin’ “khalifa” with a Capital “K” can’t speak Arabic, what kind of sick joke is this!

    May Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani burn and rot in hell for eternity.

  4. Iggnorance is bliss!

    We are muslim and you saying we are not makes you a kaffir, remember you can’t say kalma sayers are kaffir.

    Our Khalifa can speak Arabic and infact he is fluent in quite a few languages such as English, Urdu and ARABIC!!

    Also our Khalifat is the second Khalifat that Allah in his infinate mercy promised to the people. Hazarat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (AS) is the messiah promised to us!

    Also on a small note, we are called Ahmadis, with a capital “A” not Qadiani, these are people who live in the city of Qadian.

    I am not looking for debate, peace and may Allah guide you to the right path!

    • Ahmad

      If there is any promise Allah swt had made to us it would have been described in the Quran, the words of God. Now for your kind information Mr Ahamdis, Muhammad pbuh is the final prophet of Allah, the seal of the prophets. It is confirmed and afirmed by the Holy Quran. If you people choose to go and become like Christians and Catholics that Isaa(Jesus) pbuh was spreading the words of God just as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and then he died in a similar way like Isaa (Jesus) pbuh and then made their on religion/beliefs just as you do. “Ahmadis” then Allah wrath be upon all those who disblieve and disobey Allah swt, Who are we humans to create inventions in the religion of Allah ‘Islam’? its a perfect and preserved religion for the whole humanity. May Allah guide you to the right path. Ameen.

      think before you write, if you have nothing better to say, then be silent.

    • Muhammad Abdul Qasim Mahmood

      It is true that kalma sayers are muslims but the condition is that they believe in the kalma. Allah says in the holy quran “and we have made Muhammad PBUH the seal of the prophets” and u gys dont believe in it. even is one says the kalma but does not believe in what the quran says he is a KAFIR.

  5. Sulaiman Adeniji

    Dear Sir,
    I must confess to you that, you have the best article on young muslims scholars who know nothing about relationship……at least your article will enlighten us more on this issue….and plz we need more of such related article on your site….and Almighty Allah will surely bless you and your household as you shed more light on muslims’ life

  6. Aoa brother. I would like to know if you will be willing to republish some of your existing articles on parenting on the Muslim Parents Network (www.muslimparentsnetwork.org). Please let me know. You can signup and let me know so I can give you contributor status if you wish. It will be a great way to share your articles with other Muslim Parents on the network

  7. I am the Caliph, and my people includes the entire world.
    -Mosheh Eesho Muhammad

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