The ‘Mechanism’ Behind Intelligent Design

I am providing this information in hopes that some way can be found to use it in the battle against the atheistic, Darwinian concept of evolution which has destroyed so much of the original spiritual nature of human society, and help to bring the attention of the people of the world back to the increasingly obvious fact that God (Allah) created this universe and everything in it. I was many years ago a university professor with a background in theoretical physics, but am now quite old and dying of cancer. I want to do whatever I can before I leave this world to help humanity come back from the disaster of secular materialistic belief to a God-centered, spiritual world.

Intelligent design is a modern variation of the very successful “Watchmaker Argument” for the existence of God. This argument essentially says if you see a watch, which is quite a complicated mechanism with lots of parts that must act perfectly in harmony then you can be sure that watch did not come to exist by chance, and that it must have been designed and created by a watchmaker. Therefore if we look at the incredibly complicated universe with a virtually infinite number of parts all acting in perfect harmony then we can be sure it did not come to exist by chance, and that it must have been designed and created by a “Universe Maker”, who could be no other than God.

I can see in the current trend toward the acceptance of ‘intelligent design’ a movement toward a more accurate, objective understanding of God as our Creator. There was a time when science seemed to be the enemy of religious belief – that time is no more! Modern physics and cosmology (science of the origin and development of the universe) now provide firm objective evidence of the existence of God, confirm the primary attributes of God, and show how God created the physical existence out of ‘nothingness’. This knowledge comes from a critical analysis of the ‘Big Bang’ theory, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, and work being done in quantum physics. The concepts behind this esoteric scientific knowledge can now be presented in such a way as to be understood by any person with a modern education and necessarily should become known by all. I would predict that it will not be too long until the position of atheism is considered to be scientifically naïve, logically nonsensical, and philosophically embarrassing.

My presentation of these facts may not be in exactly the theological language you might prefer, but this is not the time to quibble over differences in form. It is the acceptance of the basic truth of God’s existence and His role as Creator of the physical universe and everything in it that is critical. Although intelligent design is a powerful argument against atheistic, Darwinian evolutionist ideas I think the one area of weakness in intelligent design is that it does not yet offer the ‘mechanism’ by which God did (or at least could) create the universe and fashion each of the progressive stages in the development of the matter of the universe, including biological life. Believe me, the atheistic evolutionists will be quick to exploit this perceived weakness.

The following is an example of the kind of attack that intelligent design will face until the ‘mechanism’ by which God’s creative process takes place is offered.

“Intelligent Design, which has some claim to being based on hard evidence, remains woefully short on the required specifics. We are told that some unknown but all-powerful entity created, or rather designed life as we know it. How? And, in what way? Don’t ask. Just take their word for it.” – From an article in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin newspaper.

I will have to be exceedingly brief in this explanation since many books could be written on this most important and complex subject, so I will leave it to you to have these facts checked by scientists of your acquaintance, although I have already verified the facts with other scientists to my own satisfaction.

Allah revealed to us in the Qur’an that He created the physical universe out of nothingness, the Christian Bible presents a very similar version of the creation of the physical existence through Light, and I believe other religions also hold somewhat analogous views. This is confirmed by modern cosmologists who must now acknowledge the physical existence had a beginning from complete nothingness (no time, no space, and no matter) and at a singularity ‘Light’, a fair non-technical name for the full spectrum of photons of electromagnetic radiation, came into existence. This intense Light energy resulted in the creation of matter in the form of sub-atomic particles; of primary importance to us were the protons, neutrons, and electrons, the basic building blocks of all that now exists in the physical universe. Additionally, as a side effect of the creation of material particles was the simultaneous appearance of space and time.

This provides our first opportunity to see Light as the interface between the non-physical (spiritual) world and the physical existence. These sub-atomic particles were sometime later transformed into atomic nuclei and the various atoms (all the different elements which still exist today). When asked why the sub-atomic particles joined together into the more complex arrangements of nuclei and atoms science answers that it is due to the ‘electromagnetic force’. This electromagnetic force is carried out through an exchange of photons (Light energy). According to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, which is about the ‘special’ characteristics of Light, photons of Light energy do not show any of the three necessary characteristics to be part of the physical universe. They do not have mass, they do not occupy volume of space, and they are not involved in the flow of time; therefore, Light maintains non-material characteristics, once again indicating its nature as an interface between the non-physical (spiritual) world and the physical universe.

From a religious point of view what I would say is happening is that we see how God, acting in an orderly and lawful manner, did command the necessary sub-atomic particles to join together into certain relationships we call nuclei and atoms. The ‘electromagnetic force’ is only the name science has put on these orderly, lawful workings of God as He goes through this early stage of the Creation. It appears God does this by sending Light as the messenger to carry information regarding His commands to the various sub-atomic particles and telling them how it is His Will that they relate to each other in this new, more complex manner. Here we begin to see the ‘mechanism’ missing from the intelligent design argument by which God’s Will is carried out in the physical existence.

We see exactly the same process taking place later in the development of the physical universe when various atoms begin relating to other atoms in another step toward greater complexity and becoming the various molecules, as in the simple example when two hydrogen atoms are joined with one oxygen atom to form a molecule of water. Once again science now knows that only certain atoms will form relationships with certain other atoms and the information as to which atoms can and should join with other atoms is determined by another exchange of photons (Light energy). Light again being the messenger from the non-physical (spiritual) existence telling the created matter how to carry out its role in the development of the physical universe. God’s Will is commanded to the atomic structures by the messengers of Light. This appears to be the ‘mechanism’ by which God transforms simple atoms into the various molecules of increasing complexity all the way up through the amino acids, and proteins to the highly complex DNA molecule.

Importantly, we see that God does not at each new stage of material complexity (sub-atomic particles, atoms, and molecules) create anew; He commands the rearrangement of the previous simpler stage into the next more complex stage. And to move from one stage to another in increasing complexity, God each time appears to use the ‘mechanism’ of Light as a messenger to transmit His Will from the non-physical (spiritual) existence to the various material forms of the physical universe.

At the sub-atomic, the atomic, and the molecular levels of material development science is clearly able to understand how the changes taking place are due to the information passed on through an exchange of photons of Light energy. Unfortunately, as we reach the next level of complexity, which is the progression from the molecular stage to the stage of biological life, the plants and animals, the process becomes so complex that from science we are as yet unable to fully perceive all that takes place to make that step. But through logic, extrapolation, and preliminary scientific findings we may fairly and rightly assume that it is only reasonable that the same method was used as in the earlier stages of progressive development. So we would expect that by an exchange of photons (Light energy) between the molecular entities existing at that time information was passed telling the various molecules involved to relate to each other in such a manner that a new level of material complexity is achieved, that being the simplest forms of biological life.

When God decides the time is right to create biological life He commands that His Will be done and sends messengers of Light from the spiritual existence to the physical universe instructing the necessary molecular forms He had already created to join together in the new, more complex relationship of simple biological life. These simple biological life forms are then made up of the even simpler material forms, the atoms and molecules, from the surrounding environment which are instructed by photons of light energy from a DNA type molecule to form themselves into the new, more complex relationship of biological life. Here we see the same ‘mechanism’ being used as in all the previous stages of creation.

Now we can begin to understand the ‘mechanism’ behind the final stages of increasing material complexity as God transforms simple biological life forms into all the more complex plants and animals we see in the world today. Beginning with the first simple forms of biological life which God had already created He now only has to send messages by Light from the non-physical (spiritual) existence to the physical world commanding that His Will be carried out and that all the necessary more complex forms of plant and animal life must come to be. These changes from one stage to another, from the simple to the more complex, require only slight alterations in the overall structure of the DNA molecule. These small structural changes in the DNA molecule are determined by information transmitted by photons (Light energy) to the atomic structures making up the DNA molecule, instructing them to move into slightly different arrangements in one or more small areas of the long and complex structure of the overall DNA molecule. The combined effect of these small structural changes to the DNA molecule are sufficient to bring about any desired modifications in the next progressively complex physical form to be expressed (all of the various plants and animals) which are required by God to facilitate the continued unfolding of the physical creation according to His Plan.

Through this new knowledge we now have a scientifically verifiable ‘mechanism’ by which God could have created the physical universe from nothing in the beginning of time. Conveniently, information transmitted through Light energy also provides the ‘mechanism’ by which God could have directly commanded the creation of all the different increasingly complex stages and forms of matter which we find today throughout the physical universe, including all forms of biological life. It will be very difficult, I believe impossible, for the Godless evolutionists and atheistic scientists to successfully argue against this understanding of God’s Plan for Creation.

Of course do not only take my word for this, verify what I have said with reputable scientists sympathetic to the cause of intelligent design, and use these ideas in any way and with whatever words you find most comfortable to help bring the world’s people to the knowledge that God does indeed exist, that He created the entire physical existence, and that He created us for a special place in His Grand Plan. This could be the beginning of the end for secular materialism and atheism, and the beginning of a future world fully recognizing its spiritual nature and glorifying God through peace and love.


4 responses to “The ‘Mechanism’ Behind Intelligent Design

  1. musk

    In the name of the Most Merciful Most Gracious God

    Peace and blessings be upon all of God’s messengers

    Al salam alakum

    Firstly I ask God to bless you, and cure you and to lengthen your life in His worship.

    Indeed a very beautiful article, and I thank all those who worked in making it available on the net. The prophet (pbuh) said ‘speak to the people in according to their intellect’ and indeed the physicist have done so, in using his physics knowledge in explaining how God might have created the universe. Nevertheless, I wish to say that this is a very sensitive issue which should be cautiously spoken on. This is because in Islam there is a belief not only in our limited capacity to ‘know God’ and thus the ‘mechanism’ in which he manifests His attributes such as The creator, but also the fact that we have limited capacity in knowing the created universe. I support the first by saying that there is a hadith which speak about God having attributes which were not communicated to us, as well as the authentic hadith which speaks metaphorically about how God is veiled by a light which if lifted all would be burned by the magnificence of God. As for the evidence of our limited knowledge of the created universe, I exemplify this by the fact that we do not have knowledge of what the soul is.

    The matter of the existence of God, is one that has been debated on for centuries and will remain to be debated on even as more and more scientific knowledge is unveiled. This is because while the atheists agree with the theists in the scientific facts, they disagree with us on ‘what they mean’. What things mean, which taste is better, etc are all subjective, and thus it will be very naïve to think that the more scientific facts are revealed the more people will believe in God. People believed in God before the existence of labs and peer-review journals, and the majority of the population of this planet believe in God even thought only a minority are scientists. This is because the complexity and the beauty of the created universe do not require an electron microscope to be seen. This is what the Sufis refer to when they say ‘everything is testament to His existence’.

    I think the problem in that many people find it hard to accept the belief about God and the prophet hood of Mohammed is not only due to opposing propaganda, but also because people have lost their bearings. It is very hard to convince someone of the beauty of Mohammed (pbuh) when many people no longer value good character if not the opposite. Being kind, tolerant, generous are no longer ‘cool’.

    A while ago I was very perplexed by the fact that if God’s existence and the truthfulness of Mohammed (pbuh) are so blatantly obvious to me, then why do not ‘all’ people, including scientists who study the created universe and intellectuals who study Islam not see it too. Then after pondering on the fact that some people are colour blind, and thus while share with us the same world have a different ‘meaning’ of it I came to see the ability to find good character as good, and to accept the intelligent design as abilities not many people posses, either because they are malfunctioning or part of God’s decree that they never have them. Nevertheless, I advocate research, scholars preaching’s and contributions from people like yourself, as a way to fulfil our dawa requirement and when they are received by those with malfunction it might rectify them, as for those whom God decreed for them never to believe then nothing can be done for them. All thanks to God that we are Muslims, and it is indeed a great bounty.

    May Allah keep you and me on the straight path

    “On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray:) “Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden Like that which Thou didst lay on those before us; Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. Thou art our Protector; Help us against those who stand against faith.” Quran 2:286


  2. I wrote this, i’d like to be given credit for it, please. Otherwise I demand you take this off your website.

  3. AS Salaam Alaikum akhi can I copy this ?

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