Khalifah Circle


A Khalifah Circle is: a small group of Muslims who regularly gather together to better understand their role as Khalifah of Allah; who desire to have love for Allah grow in their hearts; who desire to live peacefully according to the Will of Allah; who will be kind and caring toward other members of their group; who are willing to learn how modern science supports the essential truths of Islam; who are willing to learn about an undeniable scientific proof of the existence of God; who are willing to learn about how Allah Created His physical world (the universe and everything in it) that is consistent both with all facts of modern science and with our traditional Islamic beliefs of Creation; who are willing to learn about the Laws of Learning by which Allah directs all biological life, and allows the children of Adam to direct themselves as His Khalifah on earth; who are willing to use this knowledge to raise their children to become Muslims of excellent character; who are willing to share this knowledge with other Muslims to improve our ummah; and, who are willing to help create a fully and truly Islamic world.


It is our firm belief that the unique social and historical conditions of our time, combined with new knowledge in the fields of science and technology, make it not only possible but highly likely that within a generation or so we will have a peaceful world where Muslims can fully and truly practice Islam.

We would like to introduce an innovative plan on behalf of Islam. It is called Khalifah Circles. It is a concept rather than an organization. We as Muslims accept that there is no path to a right and just world but Islam; therefore, we want to do our utmost to bring rightly guided, committed belief and dedicated practice of Islam back into every aspect of life for all members of the Muslim ummah. And, of course, we also desire to make Islam both acceptable and attractive to non-Muslims. While many of our pious brothers and sisters are attempting, both as individuals and within organizations, to achieve this same worthy goal we will be using a new approach. We will be using powerful new techniques of social influence and sophisticated modern information technology to disseminate the traditional knowledge of Islam. Our ultimate goal is a fully and truly united Islamic world, contributing towards peace and happiness for every human being.


We call upon all Muslims to work with us in this positive jihad to make this world a much better place to live, according to the Will of Allah. If we do nothing, the materialistic secular influences of the Godless Western culture will rob us of our Islamic values and make our lives increasingly meaningless.

Today, the evil powers of secular materialism are attacking human beings everywhere. The world is growing more insane each day. In all societies across the world we find large increases in crime, violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, pornography and homosexuality. Today the environment is being continually degraded, while the world’s poor nations and peoples are being subjected to a degree of exploitation which reduces their lives to extremes of poverty and humiliation.

Secular materialism creates in the minds of our children atheistic thought, disrespect for parents and elders, hopelessness for the future, disregard for knowledge, and love of a debased animalistic lifestyle focused on only the crudest pleasures of the flesh.

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