Proposal for Khalifah Family And Child Development Project

In our world today we have war, murder, rape, illegal drug sale and use, robbery, violence of all kinds, exploitation, pollution, corruption, starvation, illiteracy, sexual immorality, addictions to various harmful substances, and many other social problems. Not only do these wrongs exist in our world, but these combined wrongs occur billions and billions of times every day. Who would not want a world without these horrors both great and small?

Some, actually many, people believe these problems cannot be solved and that we will never have a right world. It is only ignorance influenced by Shaitan that results in this false belief. Over 1400 years ago Allah told us through the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), “On this day I have perfected your way of life for you, I have chosen for you Islam as your way of life”.

We must not discount a necessary implication of the fact that Allah has told us that the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is to be the Seal of the Prophets, and that there are to be no more prophets sent by Allah. Since Allah has sent perhaps hundreds of thousands of prophets at times of need throughout our long human history, the fact that we now know Allah will send no more prophets has great logical significance. We could, of course, never think that Allah has after all this time decided to abandon us, so then we must ask what does it mean for our beloved Muhammad(peace be upon him) to be the last of the prophets sent by Allah? It necessarily means that Allah, Who knows all things, knows that no more prophets will be needed before His plan for this world is fulfilled. From this we may rightly conclude that all we need to know to bring about a world according to His Will has been sufficiently provided and will be rightly utilized. We also may rightly expect that our(probably near) future is to live in that most wonderful world that He has promised us – a perfect Islamic society on earth.

Obviously the world of today with all of its horrors and wrongs is not the perfect way of life promised to us by Allah. Since it is impossible that Allah has lied to us, we must therefore have done something wrong. Before we can attempt to solve the problems of the world, and move toward our destined Earthly paradise, we must attempt to understand where we went wrong. Probably a thousand books could be written on this subject(and someday may), but at this dire point in human history a simple accurate analysis is sufficient to provide us with enough information to begin the creation of a future world without the problems of today and consistent with the Will of Allah.

Several decades ago a child/clinical psychologist proposed a very important scientific hypothesis. It was claimed that if only two, now available, things were given to any individual or social group there would result a natural and inevitable movement of that individual or social group toward all things good and right(see appendix A, “A Solution to the World’s Social Environmental Problems: a new perspective”). These two things which must be provided to initiate that positive social change process are: a positive, accurate and motivational worldview(the total way we see, understand, and react to our world), and a good understanding of the laws of learning by which all human development takes place.

This hypothesis was put to the experimental test under the auspices of the United States Office of Child Development as part of their Project Developmental Continuity. The goal of that plan was to find some way to improve the social, and academic behaviour of young children in the public school system with a program that took very little teacher training, put no extra classroom burden on the teachers, and cost almost nothing. In all honesty, it is probably true no one in the U.S. Office of Child Development really expected this plan with such grand goals to succeed. They had greatly underestimated “the power of an idea whose time had come”.

One year after the program of positive social change based on that hypothesis had been implemented as a scientific experiment in a public primary school of about 500 students, data was gathered from teachers, parents and students at the experimental school and four other similar primary schools without the experimental program. Among the questions asked of the teachers were: are the students working harder; are the students learning more; are the students better behaved; is there a more positive general attitude in the classroom; have you enjoyed teaching more; and, is the general atmosphere on the playground better? Among the questions asked of the parents were: does your child like school more; does your child care more about learning; is your child learning more; has there been an improvement in your child’s general behaviour; and, is your child being nicer to brothers, sisters and friends at home? Among the questions asked of children were: do you like school more this year; do you care more about learning this year; are you learning more this year; are you better behaved this year; are you nicer to other kids at school this year; is it more fun to be on the playground this year; and, are you nicer to brothers, sisters and other kids away from school this year?

A statistical comparison was done between every question asked at the experimental program school with the best result from any of the other four control schools on the same question. The statistical analysis showed the answers to every question at the school with the experimental social change program to be so much better than at the control schools that it was unprecedented, perhaps even astounding, in educational experimentation. The United States Commissioner of Education at that time, Dr. Ernest L. Boyer, upon hearing of these results made an offer to have that program implemented in government schools all over the country. But the time was not right, not nearly enough was known about what constituted a positive, accurate and motivational worldview. It took many years of further study, and an understanding of Islam to make this program finally ready to offer to the world.

Simply put, most wrongs in human society occur because the worldview commonly held throughout human society is seriously flawed. Allah has given us a right worldview in Islam. If all of human society held a right worldview then all the wrongs of the world would disappear and we would have a right Islamic world. Islam must therefore become the prevailing worldview of all human society. The traditional beliefs and practices of Islam, based on the Qur’an and the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) must form the central core of the right worldview needed to correct the wrongs of the world – although we must be very careful that we accurately interpret this sacred knowledge upon which we base our understanding of what is good and true and right.

According to the laws of learning the path from the existing condition toward the desired goal condition must take place through a successive series of small rewarding steps. This is called the shaping process. If any step along that path is too large or not sufficiently rewarding then the progress toward the goal will come to a halt, and perhaps even move further away from the desired goal.

As we view our present ‘existing condition’ it is a world with far too much that is wrong and far too little that is right. Our ‘desired goal condition’ is a world consistent with the Will of Allah, which will ultimately have no things that are wrong and all things that are right. It is important that we do not despair that our desired goal condition may presently seem so impossibly far from our existing condition. The laws of learning, to the degree we have so far correctly understood them, have been designed by Allah to provide us with a powerful tool of social change by which we can successfully achieve that seemingly impossible goal, a fully and truly Islamic world.

As we work toward the fulfillment of that most sacred goal we must be sure that we never attempt a step along the path that is too large – or we will fail. Also we must never attempt a step that is not sufficiently rewarding – or we will fail. If we never attempt a step that is too large or a step that is not sufficiently rewarding then we can not fail. To reach our goal of a world consistent with the Will of Allah will require, particularly in the early steps along the path, a great deal of patience and tolerance. The concerns of Muslims and non-Muslims alike must be given very high priority. Conditions must be carefully prepared so that by the time any step along the path to our desired goal is attempted, everyone who will be effected by that new step will be happy to make that step. This is the ultimate expression of the obligation upon all Muslims to ensure that there be no compulsion in the acceptance of the Islamic way of life.

Of course only Allah knows for sure, but it appears we now stand at a crucial turning point in Islam. Do we continue the drift away from the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam until we become an ummah of only nominal Muslims; or, do we take the opportunity offered at this critical moment in the history of Islam and stand united as noble jihad warriors fulfilling our obligations to Allah as we strive with every deed, every word and even every thought to become the good and true Muslims Allah created us to be? To achieve this most desirable of goals we must become Muslims who unfailingly command the right and forbid the wrong as we defy the evil powers of Shaitan and return to the beauty, truth and bliss of rightly understood and wholly practiced Islam. (Note: see appendix B, “The Final Jihad”)

It must be clearly stated and understood that the world of the future will not be as the world of today. Massive social change will be required as we make progress toward the realization of a fully and truly Islamic world. Everything that exists in today’s world that is not consistent with the Will of Allah must be eliminated; and, everything that is consistent with the Will of Allah that does not presently exist must be created. Some of the things that must be eliminated and some of the things that must be created may be considered by some Muslims and non-Muslims alike as not desirable from their presently perceived personal interests. These conflicts between presently perceived personal interests and the necessary requirements of a world existing fully in accord with the Will of Allah must be understood to be of utmost importance, but they cannot forever be allowed to stand in the way of the creation of a fully and truly Islamic world.

To achieve the fullness of human destiny in accord with the Will of Allah we must soon and widely begin that process of commanding the right and forbidding the wrong in every instance of human thought, word, and deed. This must always be done in the most kind, loving, and tolerant way possible. We must each do this in our minds as we live our individual lives. We must do this in our families, in our workplaces, in our local communities, in our towns and cities, in our nations and across the world. We must go through the slow initial steps of introducing this process of social correction until every person is comfortable and happy to be part of this process, and highly motivated to both offer and accept right commanded and wrong forbidden.

While Islam to be most effective must rightly be practiced with great tolerance, tolerance in Islam must never be mistaken for acquiescence. Tolerance in Islam can never mean accepting wrong as right or right as wrong. Tolerance in Islam is an acknowledgement of the powerful influences in modern society, which have led so many to believe wrong is right and right is wrong. Tolerance in Islam is an acknowledgement that due to these powerful negative influences many people do more wrong than they should and do less good than they should. Tolerance in Islam is remaining kind and caring toward our misguided brothers and sisters who do the wrong and fail to do the right as we attempt to find positive and effective ways to help them change their mistaken beliefs and practices until they are able to live their lives according to the Will of Allah. And, tolerance in Islam is the willingness to allow our brothers and sisters to come to Allah at a pace, be it fast or slow, that is required by their life circumstances.

We should never attempt to alter Islam to conform to the ways of the modern world, as is done by the modernists; but, we should instead alter the ways of the modern world to conform to the timeless truths of Islam. Modernism includes a reinterpretation of the Qur’an and other sources of Islamic belief, which sometimes results in an ‘altered’ understanding of Islam. This is a dangerous process and can lead to deviationist belief. Islam does not need to be ‘reinterpreted’, but instead we need unending progressive interpretation so that we can continually better and more accurately understand the basic truths of Islamic knowledge. The basic truths of Islam can never change, but they can be better understood. Progressive interpretation is not modernism, it is well placed within the traditions of scholarship in Islam.

For those who are not yet Muslim this plan for the creation of a fully and truly Islamic world should still be widely and warmly welcomed. In rightly practiced Islam never through any form of compulsion would any person have their culture or their religion taken from them. It is reasonable to expect that eventually virtually everyone will want to become Muslim; but, that day should only come when the beliefs and practices of Islam have shown themselves to be so compellingly attractive that no person could not welcome the opportunity to be Muslim. Until that day Muslims and non-Muslims should live together in peace, harmony, and respect while working united to right every wrong presently existing in the world. No other course of action can be considered right, or reasonably followed. Since Allah has in the past sent His prophets to all the people of the world it is not surprising that all the world’s people have long shared the same basic ideals of what is good and true and right. This will make the task of creating a fully and truly Islamic world much easier.

As a means to help clarify the true unity of all the world’s diverse people with presently differing ideologies and religions it is proposed that we accept every human being as muslim(without a capital ‘M’), and those who have realized their Islamic nature and professed the shahada as Muslim(with a capital ‘M’). In this way, from the beginning, no person is left outside the universal brotherhood of Islam. In this context islam(without a capital ‘I’) refers to the natural right relationship between the created existence and God, while Islam(with a capital ‘I’) refers to the religion based on that natural right relationship between the created existence and God, who we know as Allah.

Islam, which Allah has perfected for us and given to us as our way of life, is the perfect plan for social engineering. Rightly understood and practiced Islam, which in its truest form is enduringly kind, loving and tolerant, is designed to create a right human being, create a right family, create a right community and ultimately create a right world. The individuals who make up a right Muslim family create a unit that produces ever more right individuals; and, ever more right Muslim individuals create ever more right families. A community of right family units becomes an ever more right Muslim community; and, an ever more right Muslim community creates ever more right families. A world of right communities becomes an ever more right Muslim world; and, an ever more right Muslim world creates ever more right communities. This is the beautiful simplicity of Allah’s plan for all human beings. All Praise to Allah, how Blessed we are!

It is impossible for anything that is good and true and right to not be part of Islam; and, it is equally impossible for anything which is not good and true and right to be part of Islam. For Muslims to have sufficiently high taqwa(ability to understand the fullness of our relationship with Allah) to effectively command the right and forbid the wrong, we must be able to accurately distinguish that which is good and true and right from that which is not. To achieve this high state of right knowledge Muslims must once again rise to the highest levels in every field of scholarship and intellectual endeavor.

All scientific and technological development that serves the true purposes of Allah is good; but, we must understand that human rationality can never be believed to be the ultimate source of truth, only Allah can ever be that ultimate source. There is though great need of human rationality. We should use human rationality to its highest measure as a means to correctly understand the fullness of the Truth as revealed by Allah. An indicator of the amazing ability of human beings to effectively use the intellect with which Allah has blessed us is well highlighted by the following:
The established facts of modern science and their logical implications leave no legitimate doubt as to the existence of God, that there is but one God perfect and absolute in all of His attributes, that God created the physical existence, that God has made humankind His special creation with the responsibility to serve as His khalifah, and that there can be no future for the physical existence other than to act in accord with the Will of God.

We must, and importantly now can, instill a burning love for Allah into the heart of every new soul born into the world and entrusted into our nurturing care. Every child must be taught to rightly understand and fully practice the Islam given to us by Allah – and we can now do this. Every child must be taught to fully understand their most honoured role as khalifah of Allah(Note: see appendix C, “The Khalifah Child”) and to intensely desire to fulfill that great responsibility – and we can now do this. And, every child must be taught to know without doubt that they have the potential to create a fully and truly Islamic world – and we can now do all this through the effective application of the laws of learning.

The laws of learning(technically referred to as operant learning theory), have been shown to work consistently and effectively through many thousands of experiments encompassing all forms of life from the simplest one celled organisms to the multifaceted complexity of the human being. One example of the unparalleled power of these laws of learning was shown in an experiment where a person who had been taught these laws of learning but who had no previous experience at all in their application was able to teach a chicken to stand only on its right foot, hop on that one foot in a full circle to its right, push a red button on the wall of its cage with its beak, have one bite of food from a food tray, and continue repeating that process without error time after time. Not only did knowledge of the laws of learning allow a chicken to be taught this rather complex series of actions by an inexperienced trainer, but amazingly knowledge of the laws of learning allowed the chicken to be taught that difficult task in less than ten minutes. Without knowledge of the laws of learning it might not have been possible to teach a chicken so complex a task in a year.

The laws of learning have also been incorporated into a comprehensive personality theory which describes in detail how every aspect of human development takes place(see appendix D, “Learning Based Personality Theory”). An understanding of both the laws of learning and the learning based personality theory would allow any person to objectively view all of the many influences upon their development, and to be able to predict the direction, either positive or negative, that each influence will have upon their future development.

Both Islamic teachings and the laws governing the physical existence tell us that no moment can ever be the same as the one before, change is always taking place. Since change always takes place from one moment to the next this means that at every moment we will be better or worse than the moment before; but, we can never be the same from one moment to the next. Better in this case is rightly defined as being more in accord with the Will of Allah, and worse is defined as being less in accord with the Will of Allah. The responsibility of every human being as khalifah of Allah is to be constantly making change in a positive direction, to perfect ourselves, to perfect our society and to perfect our world according to the Will of Allah.

When we accept our responsibility as khalifah of Allah, and well understand the effects of the constant influx of influences upon us, we can use our minds to minimize the effect on our future development of those influences which would otherwise take us away from Allah, and to maximize the effect on our future development of those influences which help us come closer to Allah. It is this skill we must teach our children so in the future each generation will be better in every characteristic than the generation before.

So with all of these good things said, what do we actually do now to get this proposed plan to create a fully and truly Islamic world actually underway? Since Allah’s plan for us is simple, the plan for the creation of a fully and truly Islamic world should be simple. All we need to do is give every member of the ummah a good and accurate understanding of Islam from the language of the great traditional scholars combined with a good understanding of that traditional knowledge of Islam based on supportive modern scientific fact and logical reasoning; and, to also give every member of the ummah a good understanding of the laws of learning by which all human development takes place. If, as stated in the original hypothesis, every person is given these two things in a way they can truly understand there will result a natural and inevitable movement within the individuals and social groups which make up human society toward all things good and right, toward a world fully and truly in accord with the Will of Allah. Islam is the way in which the physical existence is made perfect in accord with the Will of Allah.

For almost any Muslim the possibility of a fully and truly Islamic world must hold great attraction. The plan being proposed to help achieve that most wonderful future has such a powerful inherent logic and reasonableness that it seems almost bound to succeed. Given the potential for success of this plan for positive social change according to the Will of Allah, it would be virtually a sin not to at least try to put it into practice. Initial support(moral, practical and financial) is needed to get this plan to create a right Islamic world started. Once the project is up and running many critical parts of the implementation of this plan will become self supporting; and, as soon as the world’s Muslims see how fast and how grand is the achievable success of this plan to help create a right Islamic world resources are likely to be made available appropriate to the scale of that success.

Although the traditional beliefs and practices of correctly understood Islam are unchanging, the traditional means of passing on these timeless beliefs and practices of Islam to new generations of Muslims, and of promulgating Islam successfully among non-Muslims, are no longer working very well given the changed circumstances of today’s world. The means of discussing and understanding the unchanging basic truths of Islam must now include an objective analysis based on acknowledged scientific fact and logical reasoning. The means of offering most effectively the beauty and truth of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike must now include the utilization of modern communication technology and powerful new principles of learning and social influence based on contemporary psychological knowledge.

The proposed first step in the implementation of this plan to help create a fully and truly Islamic world is twofold. It involves the creation of a Khalifah Family and Child Development Center, and the creation of associated training materials so that these ideas can be quickly and widely disseminated. The name suggested for this demonstration project is the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program(KFCDP).

A Khalifah Family and Child Development Center is proposed to be an example of the maximized utilization of modern learning technology and traditional Islam. In this family development center the goal would be to showcase an ideal learning and Islamic environment. This idealized example could then serve as a model for the creation of other development centers implementing this idealized program. Besides providing an effective and attractive demonstration project to showcase the power of this plan for social change when properly managed, it would also serve as a training center for those who would later become facilitators of new family development projects; and, it would be the beginning of a research facility to investigate new educational techniques and curricula appropriate to Islam. It is also hoped that a large number of development centers such as these could be created at lower technological and cost levels. This will, insha’Allah, include the utilization of local masjid and surau for this same good purpose.

The Khalifah Family and Child Development Center will provide an opportunity to help create right Islamic families. To achieve this the Khalifah Center will provide wide-ranging training and support in the development of Islamic families healthy in body and spirit. It will also provide an opportunity to raise children as good Muslims who can succeed academically and professionally in the modern world without losing their belief in or their practice of traditional Islam.

The Khalifah Center will also provide comprehensive medical services.

An old African proverb states, “ It takes a village to raise a child”. This clearly shows how vitally important it is to have the whole community involved in the effort to create physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy family structures, and to ensure right child development. Knowledge of right child development practices by the whole community is an absolute necessity if you want to create a right child. Besides having excellent, knowledgeable and spiritually right parents, teachers and caregivers for childcare and development, the role of the family physician as a holistic coordinator and integrator of health(in its broadest sense) within a particular community is extremely crucial.

Because of the physician’s background and ongoing interactions with the whole family, he/she is the best-qualified individual to serve as each patient’s advocate in all health related matters, including the appropriate use of consultants, health services and community resources. The Khalifah Family and Child Development Program greatly emphasizes the crucial need of having a family doctor within the center itself. The family physicians at the KFCDC will not just ‘treat’ patients, they will ‘care’ for them. This caring function of family medicine emphasizes the personalized approach to understanding the patient as a person, and showing compassion for his or her discomfort. The physician’s role will be to deal either directly or indirectly with the physical, spiritual, psychological, ethical, social-cultural and economic needs of the patient.

The family doctors associated with the Khalifah Center are also to be the initiators of preventive health measures, including the promotion and continuity of wide-ranging community healthcare:

   1. Prevention may be simply defined as the utilization of all known means of averting illness.

   2. Promotion of health involves helping well people learn healthy behaviors and the acceptance of responsibility for their own well being. Promotion can be done via health education and through the provision of written information about diet, exercise, immunizations, symptoms of disease, methods to avoid disease, spiritual aspects of good health and other health related matters.

   3. Continuity of health care includes a continuing relationship involving many separate episodes of accident and illness, which will provide an opportunity for the doctor to develop considerable knowledge of the patient and their family. The family doctor could then assess the health of the family as a whole and help set targets for change using medical knowledge, Islamic values and the laws of learning to influence his patients and their extended families on matters related to healthy spiritual development and physical health care. If the family doctor can help ensure a harmonious family structure, this will provide the basis for good mental and physical health in the community, which will thus help bring about social stability.

   4. The medical practitioners will be responsible for maintaining the ongoing relationship with the families through home visits and home medical services when necessary.

   5. The Khalifah Center would utilize Mobile Clinics, medical and training vans, fully outfitted with basic medical equipment and medicines to provide healthcare to both the surrounding community and outlying communities.

      These mobile clinics will:

         1. Educate and promote health education via talks, brochures and multimedia.

         2. Carry out periodic health examinations by qualified health personnel.

         3. Educate parents and extended family members on effective methods of Islamic parenting, combined with training on the use of the laws of learning in the home.

         4. Educate children who are unable to come to the Khalifah Center on reading methods, nutritional habits, personal hygiene, Islamic etiquette, etc.

         5. Carry out screening and assessment of families ongoing health status.

   6. The Khalifah Center will also provide free consultation and medical treatment for all children attending the center’s classes, and to all other members of the children’s families.

Besides the creation of the Khalifah Family and Child Development Center as a model demonstration project, which could take up to a year or more to get fully underway, it would be possible to begin virtually immediate production and distribution of written materials and multimedia(CD and video cassette) that would educate the public about, and encourage participation in, this same family and child development program. These will contain the full plan based on traditional Islamic values and modern learning technology, and will include in the instructional materials a full explanation of the laws of learning with each specific law shown in dramatized example contrasting the right and wrong ways to apply that law. There would also be included similar dramatizations of right and wrong parenting and teaching techniques based on the concept of ourselves as khalifah of Allah. It is of critical importance that all of these instructional materials be of the highest quality as this is absolutely necessary to maximize their attractiveness and effectiveness. These materials need to be produced by talented professionals in each of the media formats utilized to present these ideas and methods.

Included among these instructional materials would be a facilitator’s manual describing in detail how to most effectively present the multimedia materials to groups of parents and/or teachers. All of these instructional materials should at first be produced in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. All of the written and multimedia instructional materials can be immediately distributed throughout Malaysia and made available throughout the world over the Internet. With sufficiently well written and produced instructional materials intelligent, well intentioned local facilitators(even if untrained) would be able to effectively present the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program at meetings in masjid and surau throughout the country, making use of one of the original natural functions of the mosque as the center of community life to powerfully instill traditional Islamic beliefs and practices.

To ensure that at all times this project is acting correctly according to Islamic belief and practice, all decisions made and actions taken on behalf of the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program must be accompanied by a specific statement showing how that decision or action is consistent with the Will of Allah. Any disagreements with the correctness of any decision or action can be called into question before the appropriate authority in Islamic law or knowledge.

Initially the curriculum used to assist in the full development of the young children at the Khalifah Center would be a combination of educational techniques. We would be using Montessori methods and materials for general intellectual development, Raihan(developed and long used in Malaysia) methods and materials for reading development, and IQRA International Educational Foundation methods and materials for Islamic development. The effective use of all these methods and materials will be greatly enhanced by the introduction of powerful teaching techniques based on the laws of learning and the deeply held motivation to succeed in all things by the children and their parents based on a good understanding of their honoured role as khalifah of Allah.

Requirements of the Khalifah Family and Child Development Center demonstration project.

      a. General classrooms for 200 students(no more than 20 students per room).
      b. Several specialized classrooms(computer and science).
      c. Library.
      d. Main office area.
      e. Teacher and staff planning and preparation area.
      f. Full medical clinic.
      g. Multimedia center.
      h. Several counseling rooms.
      i. Kitchen and dining areas.
      j. Auditorium to seat 400.
      k. Outside play and exercise areas.
      l. Parking for staff and visitors.
      m. Off street pick up areas so parents can safely and easily retrieve their children.

(Note: Just as with the instructional materials, in every aspect of this physical facility quality and attractiveness must be commensurate with the lofty goals of the khalifah program. This necessity for quality at the highest level is also applicable in the selection and procurement of all staff and equipment. Additionally, the demonstration project should be located in an area physically and socially appropriate for its proposed function.)

The world’s number one Islamic Internet site, “”, will be used to publicize and support the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program. By the time the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program demonstration project is fully functioning well over one million Internet users per month will be visiting the Internet site. These users will include up to 40,000 or more Islamic organizations worldwide, the staff of every television station and newspaper in the world(20,000 or more), the staff of every embassy and high commission of every country in the world(20,000 or more), and the students and faculty in applicable departments at every university in the world(Note: see appendix E, “Islamic-World Website Plan”)

The Khalifah project has been specifically designed for the unique circumstances of the people of Malaysia. It is hoped this plan to begin the creation of a fully and truly Islamic world will be welcomed by the people and government of Malaysia. Although this plan could probably begin anywhere, Malaysia has certain characteristics that make it a particularly good place to begin. Malaysia is already an Islamic nation. Malaysia is seen by many other Islamic governments as a success among Muslim nations. Malaysia is seen by many other developing nations as an example of successful transition into developed nation status. Social engineering as a means to create a good and right society is already the policy of the Malaysian government. The members of Malaysian society have a long history of being generally nice and positively socially concerned people. Malaysia is a multicultural society. And, the people of Malaysia and their government realize there are presently large scale, undesirable social changes taking place, particularly among the younger generations, and would like to find a way to put a stop to these negative social trends.

It is acknowledged some present social and political difficulties exist in Malaysia that might not be particularly beneficial to the successful facilitation of the development of this proposed social change program in Malaysia; but, it is believed these can be overcome with sufficient goodwill. Of course, any country that succeeds in reversing the present worldwide drift toward the negative(socially, economically, and spiritually) would be looked on most favourably by a world desperate for solutions.

(Note: Those offering the Khalifah Family and Child Development Program do so with no desire for financial gain or personal recognition. This knowledge is offered as fulfillment of Islamic obligation, which requires any Muslim having knowledge of benefit to the ummah to offer it freely. All true knowledge belongs only to Allah.)


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  1. As a counsellor from Bahrain I feel the children of the gulf region really need a awareness programe on Nutrition. It is high time that we realise that food also influences the Behaviour.

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    Salam. Good article.
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