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Why Don’t I Feel Safe?Why Don’t I Feel Safe?

My dear Muslim bothers and sisters, we have been robbed of our basic right to be able to walk on our streets without fear. It is an indication of the severity of moral sickness in society when its law-abiding members feel tyrannized by thugs, snatch thieves, robbers, road bullies, sex offenders, murderers and all other perpetrators of lawlessness.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us that every illness has its remedy. The Holy Qur’an says in Surah Al-Isra’, verse 82:

“We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur’an that which is a healing and mercy to those who believes to the unjust, it causes nothing but loss after loss.”

In a fully and truly Islamic world, all members of the society would be completely safe – be they Muslims, non-Muslims, men, women or children of whatever race, social background and political affiliation.

Indeed the only one who ought not be safe would be those who violate the basic rights of every human being, the right to protection of his life, property and honor.

The Holy Qur’an says in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 33 and 34:

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and run about to spread mischief in the land is this: they should be put to death, or crucified, or their alternate hands and feet should be cut off, or they should be banished from the land. This is the disgrace and ignominy in this world and there is in store for them a harsher treatment for them in the Hereafter. Except for those who repent before you have the power over them for you should know that Allah is Forgiving and Compassionate.”

“Waging war on Allah and His Messenger” means the hostile opposition to and willful disregard of the belief and actualization of Islamic principles as ordained by Allah and as explained by all His Messengers.

In a rightly guided Islamic state, an equitable system of social welfare and justice must be put in place and tenaciously preserved so that it will guarantee security to all human beings, animals, and the environment which may enable human beings to develop to the fullest of their God endowed capabilities.

As an illustration, consider the abhorrent mischief of theft and robbery that has diseased many societies in the world today. The Holy Qur’an says in Surah Al-Maidah, verse 38:

“As for the thief, whether man or woman, cut off the hand of either of them, it is the recompense for what they have earned and an exemplary punishment from Allah…”

It is the unanimous opinion of Islamic scholars that this extreme severity of the Qur’anic punishment for theft can only be implemented in a truly Islamic state where every citizen is entitled to share in the country’s economic resources, that is he or she must be assured of an equitable standard of living commensurate with the resources at the disposal of the community. In a truly Islamic state, the society collectively provides for both the spiritual needs of the human being and for his physical and intellectual needs as well.

To be truly Islamic, the society (or state) must be so constituted that every individual, man and woman may enjoy the minimum of material well-being and security. Without this, there can be no human dignity, no real freedom and ultimately, no spiritual progress.

How can there be true happiness and security in a society that permits some of its members to suffer undeserved privation while others have more than they need, and yet are unwilling to share sufficiently? If the available resources of a community are so unevenly distributed that certain groups within it live in affluence while the majority of the people are forced to use up all their energies in search of their daily bread, such oppressive poverty becomes a dangerous enemy of spiritual progress. The entire community may then be driven away from God-consciousness and instead become a victim of destructive materialism. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said “Poverty leads the believer to Kufr, that is, the denial of truth”.

In a truly Islamic society, the social legislation of Islam must be executed such that every man, woman and child has (a) enough to eat and wear (b) an adequate home (c)equal opportunities and facilities for education, and (d) access to medical care in health and in sickness, equitably priced. Implicit in these rights, is the right to productive and remunerative work while of working age and in good health. Also, a provision either by the state or the community to provide adequate nourishment, shelter, etc, in cases of disability arising from illness, widowhood, enforced unemployment, old age, or under age. Such a comprehensive social security system in a truly Islamic state is a communal obligation (fardh kifaayah).

It is against the background of this comprehensive security system envisaged by Islam that the Holy Quran imposes the severe sentence of hand-cutting as a deterrent punishment for theft and robbery. In a community where everyone is assured of full security and social justice, any attempt on the part of an individual to achieve an easy, unjustified gain at the expense of other members of the community must be considered an attack on the community, that is “waging war on Allah and his Messenger”.

So, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, the finest of Allah’s revelation, the Holy Quran provides the remedy for the moral illness of insecurity in our society.

We make sincere dua’ to Allah that He imbues us with the strength toward the correct practice of His Religion – Islam. As always, our response is:

“We hear and we obey!”      (Surah Al-Baqarah: 285)

[Reference: Muhammad Asad, “The message of the Quran”]


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Aphorism: Progressive understanding of the unchanging revealed truth

In Islam we must learn to correctly distinguish between the unchanging revealed truth and our changing understanding of that revealed truth. That Allah is God and that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of the physical existence in an unchanging revealed truth. How well we can understand the nature of Allah and how well we understand the processes by which Allah creates and sustains the physical existence are constantly undergoing progressive change. It is against the true nature of Islam to at any point believe that the changing understanding of revealed truth is in fact the unchanging revealed truth.


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Islamic Psychology: Understanding the development of human personality and soul has put up a new section titled Islamic Psychology here.

I quote a paragraph from Dr. Malik Badri’s article on the Islamization of Western psychology:

I believe what Ghazali suggested centuries ago is probably the best approach in deciding what to Islamize and what to accept as it is in modem Western psychology. We do not need to Islamize psychophysics or the physiology of sight and hearing and the anatomy of the eye and ear. Nor do we need to Islamize studies about the role of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin in our sleep behavior and in adjusting our body clock, the role of the hormone noradrenalin in setting our energy level nor the influence of caffeine, alcohol or heroine on the human nervous system. We do not need to develop our own Islamic statistical psychology or to raise an ethical battle against neutral theories of learning. Such areas, as I said are “no man’s land” between psychology and other exact sciences. But when we come to areas such as the theories of personality, abnormal psychology, the whole area of humanistic psychology and its reliance on existential philosophy, psychoanalysis and most of the schools of psychotherapy and cultural psychology we find that without Islamization, whether we know it or not, we would be accepting and teaching anti-Islamic material based on a quasi-religion of secular humanism. I am using the term quasi-religion to describe the secular humanism of Western modernity because secularism can be an anti-religious religion.


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Khalifah Project

Please know that the main purpose of this website is to offer the people of the world a logically reasonable, eminently practical, and undeniably achievable way to solve all of the problems facing our modern world using the knowledge and methods offered by the Khalifah Project. Do you find this claim hard to believe? Of course you do, any rational person upon first hearing such a claim would; but, please do not let that well justified skepticism keep you from having a look at what the Khalifah Institute has to offer. Be among the first to become acquainted with this remarkable and innovative world view (presented through the language and concepts of modern science and logic, but consistent with the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam). Perhaps you will be inspired to become a member of the Transforming Generation, a generation who will transform the world, fixing all that is wrong and offering the children of the future a God-centered, spiritual world full of peace and love.

To View the Khalifah Project     (website) (video)

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Khalifah Project at the 43rd Annual ISNA Convention:

Saturday (2nd September 2006) 9:00am – 10:30 am


The session will describe the Malaysian experience of solving the problems facing the Muslim Ummah with the unique, practical and powerful new approach called Khalifah Project. It is based on the hypothesis that if you give any individual or social group a positive, accurate, and motivational worldview plus a good understanding of the Laws of Learning by which all human characteristics develop, then that individual or social group will move naturally and inevitably toward everything good and right.

Speaker: A. Karim Omar

Moderator: Louay Safi

Click for more information

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Bridging the chasm

This entry serves to provide some information on expanding your knowledge base.

First of all, I want to let you all know about this great tracker site for torrents relevant to Muslims. It’s at I’ve downloaded tens of documentaries and talks from this website and I find them very informative. I urge you to take advantage of what advanced consumer technology has to offer these days.

On the other hand, some might be distraught that I promote piracy, even more so of Muslim productions. Well, what I can say here is that I know most Malaysians can never afford to purchase any products from Saba Islamic Media, let alone an international Islamic production company. So rather than not being given the chance to benefit from all these wonderful videos, software and audios, I’d definitely urge you to just go for pirated copies via

Asides from IslamicTorrents, I also like to download from which compiles all the PBS, NG, Discovery and BBC documentaries. Very educational indeed (if you have the time to watch all those videos, that is). And if you want to study in a university-like fashion, go to and enter “TTC” in the search box. You’ll find all the lecture titles from The Teaching Company, a company that records lectures from the best professors in the world. They also include a PDF reference book for you to read as you listen to the lectures.

If you have a video iPod or PDA, you can keep yourself occupied by watching these documentaries, videos, lectures etc while on the go. You can even do so systematically by taking notes and discussing them with peers and online forums.

Last but not least, may I recommend you use an RSS Aggregator to update yourself on all the latest ongoings around the world instantly and effortlessly. It is a program which downloads the latest entries from news sites, podcasts and blogs. There are online-based aggregators such as GoogleReader and offline ones (I recommend Newz Crawler – it’s definitely the best one available). So basically, if you see a red square in the Address Bar of Firefox, then that site provides RSS Feeds. All you do is subscribe to it via your aggregator.

To sum it all up, I’ve given you some tips to increase your knowledge base, in hopes that we can all take advantage of information to overcome lack of education opportunities and bridge the chasm between us Muslim nations and developed nations (whom control tools of mass propaganda). We live in an information age. It’s a war of the minds. This is the Jihad.

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Aphorism: Reducing wrongs

Much, perhaps most, of the wrong done in the world today is done by people who believe that the wrong thing they do is somehow necessary. If that perceived necessity was eliminated then there would be a substantial reduction in the amount of wrong done.

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