Khalifah Books

Understanding the Concept of Khalifah

This book is an introduction to the "lost" concept of Khalifah in Islam. It provides an overview of the meaning and importance of Khalifah to the Muslim ummah, and the future of human society. This book serves as a good prerequisite for understanding the subject of Khalifah more deeply, as presented in the second book in the series, "On Being Khalifah of Allah".

On Being the Khalifah of Allah

In this lecture, I want to convey to you the importance of the concept of being Allah's Khalifah on earth and where it fits into life, in general, and into parenting specifically. Although at the end of the lecture you will know some things that will be very beneficial to you for your use in parenting, much of what I will talk to you about in this part of my lecture is Islamic knowledge. Part of it is about some very high level concepts in Islam and what they really mean. You will see, and I think be amazed, how well all this knowledge fits together. This book also serves as an excellent reference for teachers who have asked, "What exactly should I teach my students about their roll as Khalifah Allah?"

Islamic Solutions to the World's Problems

We live in a world currently plagued by many severe problems. These problems are so critical that they threaten the very future of hte human race. Most people do not know why these terrible problems exist and have no idea what might be the solution to all of these many problems. Indeed, many people believe that no solution will be found to these problems, and that we are faced with a horrifying future.

 The Unified Theory of Existence (Vol. 1)

Volume One is the presentation of a consistent body of knowledge from the light at the beginning of the Created universe to Adam's children in the world today. This volume contains cosmology, physics, biology, philosophy, and theology woven together to give a detailed account of the totality of the physical Creation. It gives objective answers to humanity's long asked questions such as; does God exist, what is the meaning of life, what is the true nature of good and evil, where does our free will come from, is there life after death, and what does the future hold for the human race?

The Unified Theory of Existence (Vol. 2)

Volume Two looks at a number of areas of human social behaviour, such as politics, human sexuality and correct male/female relationships, economics, religion, entertainment industry, health care, and education, and discusses what is wrong with the world as it is now and what would constitute a right world given the understanding of creation of the physical universe presented in Volume One of the Unified Theory of Existence.

The Unified Theory of Existence (Vol. 3)

Volume Three present a complete review of Laws of Learning by which all animal behavior is governed, and by which all human behavior can be developed to be consistent with the Will of God. It is this knowledge which if unknown leaves us to blow aimlessly with the winds of negative influence, or if known allows us to fully utilize our free will and progress forever onward toward all that is good and rigth.

Three Contemporary Reformers in Islam

Their Ideas On Being Khalifah of Allah: Sr. Dr. Allamah Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Ali Shari'ati, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman
This volume reviews the writings of three prominent Muslim scholars of the 20th century. They are Sir. Dr. Allamah Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Ali Shari'ati, and Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman. I think you will find in the articles by these three outstanding Muslim scholars literally hundreds of instances where the ideas they expressing are in complete agreement with the teachings of the scientific understanding of Islamic knowledge being disseminated through the Khalifah Institute.

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  1. S.M.Mizanur Rahman

    KIDO Library
    Nahar Peace Garden
    202/1 Tutpara Main Road
    Khulna Metro # 9100,Bangladesh

    Seeking your all printed books for our not-for-profit dawah works by post

  2. Just curiosity…

    When I was a kid, I used to listen to Khali-man, the incredible man.

    My question is based on that show. Does the Islam religion has to do with control of the person’s mind.

    The guy used to say that if a man can control his mind, can control everything.

  3. Hello brother, thanks for the phone conversation today, Mark Wilson, black men speak publications, 347-407-2410, we discussed book publishing and wanted to get to you per speaking with brother Kamau,who gracious gave me your number and name. I talked about a book for black youth, and we discussed a cover and the page length. I know you are busy, just a few references:
    •Sister Shahrazad Ali, Civilized publications
    •Dr. nathan and Julia hare of the black Thank tank on the west coast
    •Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, was seeing her as a client a few times this year marriage counseling,
    Dr. Audrey Chapman was seeing her with my spouse before I meet with Welsing
    •sister Asiba Tupache of the Spirit of January Newsletter
    •Utrice Leid, of the City Sun News, was my mentor on journalism in college and worked for the City sun when it started in 1983 was called to join as an older intern of Trans Urban News Sevice, with the late Andrew Cooper
    •Rev Clemson Brown of Transatltic Productions
    •also worked Brooklyn with the December 12th movement boycotting Korean merchant after the beating of Ivy King by Tropic Fruit owner and we set up an African People’s Farmers market as an alternative for the community.

  4. Interested in gaging some insight into publishing one of my books. I have a cover idea that I cannot use without the brother I was working with finding the locations so I can pay the copyright fee, so I will have to start from scratch, I can send you the idea. I have most of the text in word and need to run through it once more to seal with current events…and shift some ideologies I once subscribed to. If that is the first step, the book was copy written 2003, but from 1982 edition poor man’s copyright.

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