Khalifah Project

Please know that the main purpose of this website is to offer the people of the world a logically reasonable, eminently practical, and undeniably achievable way to solve all of the problems facing our modern world using the knowledge and methods offered by the Khalifah Project. Do you find this claim hard to believe? Of course you do, any rational person upon first hearing such a claim would; but, please do not let that well justified skepticism keep you from having a look at what the Khalifah Institute has to offer. Be among the first to become acquainted with this remarkable and innovative world view (presented through the language and concepts of modern science and logic, but consistent with the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam). Perhaps you will be inspired to become a member of the Transforming Generation, a generation who will transform the world, fixing all that is wrong and offering the children of the future a God-centered, spiritual world full of peace and love.

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